Baseball Players Do It Better

by Elley Arden, author of Save My Soul: Book 1 of the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series

Save My SoulWhat exactly is the title referring to? Well, all of it. *grins* Admittedly, I’m a little biased, being married to a man who while he no longer plays baseball sure made me sit through HUNDREDS of games over the course of our years together. I’m not complaining, because I love the game, and I have a soft spot for the men who play it. It’s not always the easy, privileged life many people make it out to be.

One of my favorite baseball-related stories about my husband comes from our earliest days together—senior year of high school. We were newly dating, having been friends for a while, and he had a home game right after school. I stayed to watch, sitting low on the bleachers, talking to no one, remaining when dark clouds rolled overhead. Other fans trickled to their cars as drops started falling. But I stayed put. I didn’t have a car parked at the edge of the field where I could sit warm and dry while I watched the game. Heck, I didn’t even have an umbrella, but when he ran from the dugout to second base in the steady rain and glanced over to smile at me, I couldn’t feel anything but the pounding of my heart. You bet I stayed. ☺ By the time umpires called the game, I was soaked. I’m sure mascara was flowing down my face and my curly hair was a ball of nasty, but he didn’t seem to mind. To this day, he remembers the game, too, and he says seeing me alone on those bleachers in the pouring rain was when he knew I was different than other girls. (He just had no idea how different. Lol!)

Fast forward many years, and apparently my husband’s heart has red-laced seams, because he never walked away from baseball when his playing days ended. It’s still a major part of his life. Anything that’s a major part of his life is a major part of mine, so of course, when I started writing romance novels, ALL my heroes played baseball—and they were pretty much all middle-infielders. Over the years, I’ve widened my hero-horizons, but whether I’m writing or reading, a good baseball-playing hero holds the key to my heart.

(Shameless plug: Save My Soul, my March 25 Crimson release and my debut novel, has a baseball-player-turned-agent hero. In the book, a struggling psychotherapist who still lives at home falls for a bitter, divorced baseball agent. It’s the first book in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series, so there will be even more baseball heroes coming from me…)

No matter what your sport of choice, sports romances are receiving a lot of buzz lately. From baseball to football and bull riding to MMA, athletes make hot heroes! So I’ve got to ask… do baseball players do it for you, or would you rather spend time reading about and admiring athletes of a different sort? Share in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Baseball Players Do It Better

  1. Katie Kenyhercz (On the Fly)

    Elley, I love that story about the high school game in the rain! So romantic 🙂 You should slide that bit of back story into a book one day!

    Personally, hockey players do it for me. The speed, strength and grace. The balance of power and control. The hard bodies don’t hurt either 🙂

    You’re making me a baseball fan, though! Save My Soul is awesome, and I can’t wait to read the next Kemmons Brothers installment.

  2. Bobbi Romans

    I’ve never really known any. My SIL played (never saw) then after an injury, he umpires. High school and such but is really pleased he got an invite to some big umpire thing in New York.

    The book sounds wonderful and I bet the series will be fantastic!


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  4. terriponce

    Sounds like a book that’s right up my alley. I’m a huge baseball fan. Actually, a HUGE Yankees fan. So anything that has to do with the diamond will immediately catch my attention. Good luck with the release!