Bad Boy, Good Heart

By Elley Arden, author of Baby By DesignTake Me OutChange My MindCrashing the Congressman’s Wedding, and Save My Soul

Baby by DesignI was a high school junior when I met my first bad boy. He wore a leather jacket and had an attitude and swagger that put everyone around him on notice. But when he smiled, all commonsense was sucked out of my head, and I decided he was perfect for me. Me, a fairly sheltered, over-achieving, rule-following girl. After a couple dates, even the sparkly wake of his smile wasn’t enough to mask the warning signs. He did things and said things that weren’t very gentlemanly. And while he never hurt me emotionally or physically, I started to hear stories. Of course, I thought I’d be different. I thought even if those things were true, I could change him. My goodness would rub off on him. When he invited me to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve with his family less than a month after we started dating, I thought I’d succeeded. A week later, he was busted for stealing money from the service station where he worked. Apparently, I hadn’t changed a darn thing.

You’d think after that I would’ve exercised greater caution in the dating department. I didn’t. I wound up with a few more bad boys. And finally, I learned something: All bad boys are not created equal. The key is heart.

I used these experiences when I created Tony Corcarelli, the hero in my latest release, Baby by Design, the first book in my new Designing Love Series. On the surface, Tony is a classic bad boy. He wears leather, rides a Harley, and sports an armful of tattoos, while he does his own thing, which is usually opposite from the popular, responsible thing. He also has heart. When his grandmother is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, he’ll stop at nothing to make one of her most outrageous dreams come true—a great grandbaby.

If you like a bad boy with a good heart, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Baby by Design and give Tony a try. He’s the best kind of bad boy…the good kind.