Announcing the Emerald Springs Legacy Continuity!

Crimson RomanceCrimson Romance is thrilled to announce its first continuity series, The Emerald Springs Legacy. The first of the five titles in the continuity will be published in February 2014.

Romance flourishes in the lush organic farms of Emerald Springs, Washington amidst sabotage, family feuds, and rivalries new and old.

Q. What is a continuity?

A continuity is a group of books following the lives of a family. Think Dallas or Dynasty. The romances and big lives of these families are what continuities are all about. There’s drama and intrigue and, of course, romance!

Q. Who is writing for the series?

Monica Tillery — Monica is the author of Kiss Me, Katie (June 2013). Find out more at

Holley Trent — Holley is the author of contemporary romances My Nora and Sold As Is, both available now. Her upcoming paranormal romance A Demon in Waiting introduces the first of three half-incubus brothers. Learn more about Holley at

Elley Arden — Elley is the author of Save My Soul: Book One in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series (available now), and the upcoming Harmony Falls Series (July 2013) and Designing Love Series (November 2013). You can learn more about Elley at

Nicole Flockton — Nicole is the author of Masquerade (available now) and Rescuing Dawn — releasing 10th June 2013. A third connected book Seducing Phoebe will be released in October 2013. You can learn all about Nicole at

Robyn Neeley — Robyn is the author of Destination Wedding (June 2013) and Christmas Dinner (November 2013). You can learn more about Robyn at

Q. How did you get the idea for the series?

Nicole: I love to read continuities so I thought it would be a great idea to do one with Crimson and a great way to build Crimson’s brand as a leading romance publisher. So after chatting with some other authors who loved the concept, I emailed editors Jennifer Lawler and Julie Sturgeon asking if Crimson would be interested in a continuity. Both thought it was a great idea and our continuity was born.

As this was just a bare bones idea Jennifer and the authors involved all had a conference call where the characters, settings, and overall storyline of the series was discussed and brainstormed.

Q. Tell us about the series.

Life in the small town of Emerald Springs, Washington is anything but boring. Old rivalries are renewed as new romances blossom, jealousies poison relationships as pride squashes progress, and lives tangle as families find their way. Emerald Springs: where clean living can get dirty.

The Emerald Springs Legacy: Adam’s Ambition (Book 1) by Monica Tillery, will release in February 2014.

Adam Whitman comes home to the family farm, planning to help his father make the transition to retirement and then get back to his life in Los Angeles. He never thought he’d rekindle his romance with high school sweetheart Zoe Miller or fall in love with the life he never thought he wanted, but the magic of Emerald Springs captures his heart. Adam wants it all–the girl, the farm, the life he left behind–but is it too late to change the past?

The Emerald Springs Legacy: Colleen’s Choice (Book 2) by Holley Trent, will release in March 2014.

Split Acres Farm was created years ago, when the two friends who started Emerald Springs Farm together had a falling out. Now Split Acres is going bust, and stoic Colleen Sanders has the unenviable job of turning the venture around. The finances are already in the red when her father hires a full-time handyman without consulting her. Fortunately, Alan Prevost is not only good with his hands, but has a pretty good head for business, too. He’s a flirty dream-come-true for the overworked operations manager—or maybe even too good to be true. Information about his background comes to light that forces Colleen to make a hard choice about the farm’s future…and whether or not Alan will be in it.

The Emerald Springs Legacy: Chad’s Chance (Book 3) by Elley Arden, will release in April 2014.

Nobody takes local sports star Chad Whitman seriously, unless he’s on the field. But with the glory days of high school and college behind him, he needs another way to make his mark. Adding a microbrewery to the family restaurant seems like the perfect chance. Chad moves forward with the plan, despite protests from family, hiring brainy brew mistress Jen Chavez to help out, and sparks fly—in more ways than one—when these opposites attract. But will Chad’s legendary irresponsibility spell the end of everything he hoped and dreamed?

The Emerald Springs Legacy: Daniel’s Decision (Book 4) by Nicole Flockton, will release in May 2014.

Daniel Whitman has a plan to turn the struggling family resort into a high-end exclusive Eco Friendly resort, but his brothers think the timing is all wrong. Against family wishes, he heads off to Australia to an award winning eco-resort to see their services and strategies. When he meets manager Rochelle Harris he is immediately attracted to her but pushes it aside to concentrate on finding out every piece of information he can about what has made this resort so successful. The more time they spend together the more the attraction grows. Then a disaster back home makes him realize he has to step up to his responsibilities. But is Rochelle prepared to take the risk and relocate halfway around the world — and is Daniel willing to open up and let someone be a true partner in his life?

The Emerald Springs Legacy: Ashley’s Allegiance (Book 5) by Robyn Neeley, will release in June 2014.

The last six months have brought excitement and intrigue to Emerald Springs, and Ashley Whitman is ready to step up with her marketing ideas, talent, and drive to prove she has just as much to contribute to the Whitman legacy as her successful cousins.

Sheriff Jacob Sanders is closing in who is responsible for the suspicious activities plaguing Emerald Springs Farm. Once he makes an arrest, the promotion to lead detective is as good as his. What was supposed to be a simple interview with an eyewitness to the latest incident turns into an afternoon with the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Too bad it’s Ashley Whitman–the one girl in high school who drove him crazy. Forced to spend time together, they discover their mutual dislike might be something else entirely. Can Ashley trust that Jacob’s feelings are genuine or is he using her to help solve the crimes rocking Emerald Springs and land his promotion?

Look for more about The Emerald Springs Legacy in the coming months!

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