And They Lived Humorously Ever After

By Donna Cummings, author of I Do… or Die

I Do... or DieI love romances with humor. To me, there is nothing better than love and laughter combined in the same story. It’s a perfect combo, like peanut butter and chocolate. Or coffee and half-and-half.

When I started reading romance, it was pretty angsty stuff, which I adore. I love whipping through the pages of a heart-wrenching tale, worrying that there aren’t enough chapters left to get these star-crossed lovers to their HEA. But after a few of those nailbiters, I end up emotionally wrung out, needing a manicure and a few chuckles to get me back to normal.

I can’t remember the first romance I read that had more than a few token laughs. It may have been Jennifer Crusie, or Susan Elizabeth Phillips, both of whom have multiple spots in my Keeper Vault. When I stumbled across their books, I felt like I’d found my own personal nirvana. These were stories that made me guffaw and fall in love. The laughter was an important part of the romance, not merely a way to ease all the tension leading up to the black moment.

So when it came to writing romance, it was no surprise that I chose romances with humor. Or maybe they chose me. I would love to write the angst-ridden stories, but my characters don’t cooperate.

Instead, they prefer to banter with each other, and tease, and even use humor as a way to deflect their true feelings. Usually the laughter they’re sharing breaks down their firmly-held defenses. It disarms them without them even realizing it’s happening. They have a chance to let down their guard and let themselves fall in love, even when they swear that’ll never ever happen to them.

The romantic path from “boy meets girl” to “they lived happily ever after” is strewn with dozens of opportunities for laughter and humor. The characters’ first meeting may be the result of a mishap. Or maybe their first date is filled with disaster. Even intimate moments can be laugh-out-loud funny.

Which is why I’ll never get tired of seeing characters falling in love while falling down laughing.

What is your favorite laugh-out-loud romance novel? Share in the comments!

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