Addicted to Writing

By Charmaine Ross, author of Daman’s Angel

Daman's AngelThe urge to write has been my constant companion all my life. I go to sleep dreaming of my next chapter and what I’m going to write the next day. Writing is a need that has to be satisfied. If it’s not, I get grumpy!

The opening scene of my paranormal romance, Daman’s Angel, came into my head like a scene from a movie, using one of the many laneways that central Melbourne is well known for. They are hidden between towering buildings and have been a part of Melbourne since its earliest times.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne, one of the oldest Gothic churches in Melbourne is key to the paranormal activities and angel-lore in the story. My character, Father Joseph, goes into the crypts beneath the floors of the church to find scrolls dedicated to angels.
My romantic mind went into overdrive when I imagined a hero such as Daman Quade set against dark, winter Melbourne. Brooding, riddled with guilt and out for revenge, caring nothing for his life, crossing paths with Angel, innocent and strong and able to see past his self-imposed walls. I wanted to make this a romance set in the darker, seedier locations of Melbourne where criminals work and cops who don’t care if they live or die hunt them down.

The dark blue-stone laneways, the gothic church and the deep chill of Melbourne in winter have been poured into Daman’s Angel. The city certainly has a special place in my heart.
So like a Magpie, I’ve picked up little bits and pieces of plot and inspiration from real life, blended them with imagination, added the spice of romance, a dark, sexy man in need of love, an angel who has fallen in love, criminals and demons who want to take that all away, and written a love story that I hope will sweep you away.

Now at night my head is full of dreams about my next book.

What do you think it is about angels that makes them such compelling supernatural heroes? Share your thoughts in the comments!