Accidental Erotica

by Alicia Thorne, author of Night Blooming Jasmine

Alicia Thorne got her start one day when I accidentally wrote erotica. How do you accidentally write erotica? Well, you start with this really great larger-than-life hero. Rhianen was his name and he was an enigmatic member of a brotherhood of demon hunters, and also he was as horny as hell (he’d been celibate longer than is good for him). So I wrote a number of explicit sex scenes for him (he was very appreciative), added a plot, then consulted my romance-writing colleagues.

“What would yNight Blooming Jasmineou call this?” I asked.

“Congratulations!” they said. “You’ve written erotica!” Then I even won an award for it.

I stuck Rhianen in a drawer because at that time I was not a writer of erotica, I was a writer of very sweet romances under the pen name Jenny Jacobs.

Then one day Alicia wrote Inventing Sin based on my life as a college professor – loosely based on my life as a college professor, I hasten to add – and I thought, “Hmm. Might as well put Alicia to work.”

Since then she has also written Ruby’s Reward and the forthcoming Keeping the Peace.