A Writer’s Toolkit

By Jennifer DeCuir, author of Wynter’s JourneyFive of Hearts, and Drawn to Jonah

Five of HeartsEvery writer needs a toolkit, something to help the process go more smoothly. I have many things in my own toolkit, but for the sake of brevity, I am going to list my top five toolkit essentials.

#1: My Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad
Have you heard of this amazing invention? It’s a notepad for the shower! Because that’s where some of my best ideas are born. No longer do I have to chant a thought over and over while I rinse, dry off and search for a pen and paper (sounding – and looking – like a maniac through the whole process). Now if only I could get the kids to stop leaving me ‘love notes’ in the shower…

#2: Edible Supplies
This would include coffee (I prefer anything dark roast, if you’re looking for gift ideas), several different flavors of gum, and chocolate. I used to keep a chocolate drawer in the kitchen, beside the fridge. I decided that was too far to journey from my laptop and have since moved it to the top left drawer of my desk. I’m a much happier writer.

#3: Staples Supplies
Can I just say how much I *love* shopping at Staples? Or Office Depot… or the office supply area of any department store. Double the excitement if it comes in PINK. Woo hoo! So I have my pink pens, my pink notepad (yes – the paper is actually pink!), my pink paper clips and pink thumb tacks. My index cards are still white – but the little plastic storage container holding them is pink. ☺ And I also have every size, shape, and color of Post-It notes known to man.

#4: Music
We aren’t an “Apple” family, so I don’t bother with iTunes. My music server of choice is Spotify. They don’t always have what I’m looking for, but 99% of the time it’s there. I even pay the monthly service fee to be able to access my playlists offline. This comes in handy when I’m writing at the library, Starbucks, the park, etc.

I have two writing playlists – an instrumental list for the actual writing (with songs from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Last of the Mohicans, etc.) and a list of purring, sexy songs sung by sexy country artists. This last list is for ideas…on sexy heroes and…stuff. 😉

#5: Artwork, Etc.
As a writer, I’m a very visual person. I like to be surrounded by reminders of the things and people I love. I have cork boards posted above my desk (remember the pink thumb tacks?) where I have postcards of Ireland (I’ve never been, but I dream about it all the time). I also have samples of my kids’ artwork – which they add to quite regularly. I’ve kept a drawing my daughter made of a fairy when she was five years old. I kept this front-and-center while I was writing Drawn to Jonah. It was my main source of inspiration. Lastly, I keep a photo of my hero close by. Currently, it is Richard Armitage. I even swiped a Valentine from my daughter because it had a picture of Thorin, from the Hobbit films, on it. Sad, but true.

That’s a peek into this writer’s (strange but true) toolkit. I’m curious to find out what other writers consider their “must-haves.” Leave a comment and let me know.