A TRUE Ghost Story

By Bobbi Romans, author of Swamp Magic and Under the Full Moon

Question: What’s better than a ghost story in October?

Answer: A true one!

Don't drink and drive

I’ll tell you the story, and give all the accounts. You be the judge if something paranormal occurred…or not.

It wasn’t long before we all thought something strange about my MIL and FIL’s new home. Though the spacious place sat in a relatively new-ish neighborhood, oddities began from the start.

First Occurrence – My little BIL (6 years old) said on his first night in his new room he saw evil faces circling in the corner. He came out screaming and refused to have that room. (They swapped w/his younger sister.)

Under the Full MoonSecond Occurrence – My MIL and I were besties. We’d have all nighters and let our children, close in age, play. The first time my hubby and I stayed over, I got sick. The second time, I got sick. Each time was not quite as severe as the first, but still, I fought the green feeling anytime I stayed in the home longer than a few hours.

This went on so long, my FIL feared there was a leak of some sort that I, with my allergies, was more sensitive to than the rest. All tests came back negative.

Third Occurrence – We all, at different times, caught something out of the corner of our eye. Kids, neighbors, other family…not just us. You know how a cat jumps from the floor to a counter, or vice-versa? That. And all the time.

Fourth Occurrence – My little SIL one evening suddenly looked next to my MIL and asked who the little girl was. My MIL slowly looked next to her…and saw nothing. My wee SIL (about 5 years old at the time) went into a full description all the way to the ribbon in this girl’s hair.

Fifth Occurrence – The kids (my MIL’s and mine) were all in her room watching television (other TV was on the fritz) waiting for her to get ready so we could head to a local park. One of her bedside lamps turned off. None of us were near it, but as they were touch lamps, I didn’t discount that somehow something had brushed it. Then the second one went out. I reached over and tapped it, and got it back on. Then the fan above us stopped. Now, anyone with a ceiling fan knows it takes time for the blades to actually stop. This…just…stopped. No movement. This got all of our attention. Laugh all you want, I ran out of the room as fast as the kids did, yelling over my shoulder to my MIL in her bathroom  to put a move on it, her freaky house was acting up again.

* Years went by and the odd happenings all but stopped. The kids had grown older, all of them had busy lives, and no one was truly in the house that much.*

Swamp MagicSixth Occurrence – As was customary, when I gave birth to my third child, I went to my in-laws’ to recover for the first few days. (Special note: I’d had minor surgery and the hospital gave me Percocet. I was on it in the hospital AND had a few to come home with. No weirdness whatsoever.) That night, I put the baby in the carriage stroller I bought to use as a bassinet and drifted off. I awoke to the sense of being kicked. From under the bed. I laid there a moment and assumed I must have awoken from a dream, then felt it again. The distinct impression of a foot pressing from underneath so hard my middle section raised up. I started wondering if I was still dreaming. I placed my hand on my chest and watched to see if it moved upon the next kick.

It did!

I looked across the room and saw items on my SIL’s (yes, I was in the freaky room) dresser, hovering madly in the air. Terror sank in, and I snatched my baby from the carriage and held him on my chest as I watched anything not tied down float about the room. The handle to the carriage started going up and down. It snapped back and forth at an alarming pace. I’d never been so afraid in all my life, but I didn’t want to look like an idiot. Plus, it was the middle of the night. I’d awaken the whole house. I also sure as shit wasn’t stepping foot on the floor since everything started with me being kicked from underneath the bed.

So I stayed awake the entire night in pure fear.


After I told my tale, my MIL and I did some digging around. The home only had one owner, wasn’t built on any graveyard on record (although there are Indian Mounds all over the area including one about 2 miles down the road), and the neighborhood as a whole turned up nothing. I called one of the local collages to ask if they had any professors dealing in the paranormal. I was given the number to one, who, by all accounts (including his own) had been a resource in The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist. I explained all the above to him and he explained what had been happening.

1) Spirits are drawn to the innocent. Which is why the occurrences stopped when the kids were teens and happened again when I brought the baby into the house. He wanted to bring drummers, incense, and other “cures” to cleanse the house.

2) My MIL and I decided that for the $250.00, it would be cheaper for me and the baby to just steer clear for a while.

Now. Maybe it can all be explained. In my personal experience there is the Percocet to consider. That said, I’d never had any reaction prior to that day, or after, from Percocet.

As life grew busy and the children are got older, the occurrences, including the cat visual, stopped.

So…explainable or not? You be the judge!