A Sons of Gulielmus Primer

By Holley Trent, author of A Demon in Love, A Demoness Matched, and A Demon in Waiting

A Demon in LoveOne of my missions in life is to convert contemporary romance readers into paranormal romance readers, because that’s what geeks do—we try to infect others with our hobbies and hope they take root.

I know that keeping up with the huge casts can be frustrating for the uninitiated, so I decided to compile a list of who’s who in the Sons of Gulielmus universe. These are the major players introduced through the end of A Demon in Love—no spoilers. Print it out and keep it handy, because some of the secondary cast members become important later.

I admit there are probably a lot more characters than you’d have to keep up with in a contemporary series, and the rules governing their behavior aren’t always clear upfront, but I promise—for the most part, these are just normal people. They put their pants on one leg at a time and forgot about their coffee until it gets cold just like the rest of us.

* * *

Gulielmus (aka “Bill Nolitzname,” “Big Daddy G,” “Pop,” and “Papa”): Fallen angel turned sex demon general. Father of countless half-demon spawn whom he tries to recruit into the family business. He sired John, Julia, Charles, and Claude (amongst numerous others). When his children embarrass him, he gets flak from his boss. You know—Lucifer.

John Tate: Hero of A Demon in Waiting. Half demon, one-drop angel. Hitchhiker. He grew up in a polygamist cult. Lasted one day on the incubus job.

Ariel Thomas: John’s very significant other, and his “first”…if you catch my drift. John defied Gulielmus to be with her.

Julia Tate: Heroine of A Demoness Matched (Melt My Heart anthology). John’s full sister, same genetic mix and upbringing. She runs before Gulielmus can recruit her.

Calvin F. Wolff: Professional baseball player, country as heck, and an alpha werewolf. More importantly, Julia’s beloved.

Claude Fortier: Half-brother to all the other half-demons listed. He’s the eldest of the siblings at over 200 and probably the most powerful of the bunch. His mother was a well-known voodooienne. He practices witchcraft for gas money.

Mark: Ariel’s angel bodyguard (and advertising agency coworker). A huge dork, but deadly when necessary.

Agatha: Rogue wind goddess. Ariel’s and Mark’s boss.

Clarissa Morton: Ariel and Marion’s maternal grandmother. She’s good at keeping secrets…especially her own. (What is she? I’ll tell ya later.)

Charles Edison: Hero of A Demon in Love. Half demon, part love god, recovering lush, Princeton dropout. Defies Gulielmus to be with Marion.

Marion Wilder/Thomas: Heroine of A Demon in Love. Former long-haul trucker, full-time cynic, and budding psychic.

Sweetie Wolff: Calvin’s sister. Werewolf. Lonely heart. Crochet critic.

Ross: Charles’s estranged son. He’s one-quarter demon, and three-quarters unrepentant weirdo.

* * *

That’s it! You can read the Sons of Guilielmus stories out of order, but the world-building really ramps up in A Demon in Love. Here’s the order of release in case you want to start at the beginning:

A Demon in Waiting
A Demoness Matched (Melt My Heart anthology)
A Demon in Love

Watch for A Demon Bewitched this fall. It’ll be the last story in the Sons of Gulielmus arc, and I’ve got some diabolical stuff planned for what happens after that. [insert geek cackle here]

For more informaton about the Sons of Gulielmus world including release dates and purchase links, visit its page at my website.