A Man in Uniform

By Micah Persell, author of the Operation: Middle of the Garden series, Emma: The Wild and Wanton Edition, and Persuasion: The Wild and Wanton Edition

Persuasion: The Wild and Wanton EditionWho doesn’t love a man in uniform? They look so sharp, and they’re so disciplined, and—let’s be honest, ladies—the G.I. Joe body (or fireman’s body) under that uniform is often so much better than the Average Joe.

Romances in which the hero belongs to the military are hot-ticket items right now. With so many countries currently at war, women long for hot tales that end in happily-ever-after when there is so much uncertainty in the world. Women want to experience a military hero for themselves or experience a breath of hope when thinking of their own absent military hero.

An Officer and a GentlemanBut the man in uniform as romance hero is not a new thing at all. There are several classic novels that feature a military hero, and none other than Miss Jane Austen herself penned a book with a dreamy man in uniform: Persuasion.

Anne Elliot’s estranged Captain Frederick Wentworth has all of the good makings of a devastating military hero: he’s handsome, he’s brooding, he’s loyal, he’s hotter than hot, and he’s in the market for a wife—as long as she’s not Anne Elliot.

Eight years before the beginning of Persuasion, Anne and Frederick are young, in love, and engaged. When Anne’s family persuades her to break the engagement due to Frederick’s lack of money and possibilities, a broken-hearted Frederick turns to the British Navy and sails off to war.

PersuasionHe returns a hero with scads of both money and possibilities, and though he seems to be completely over the relationship that had previously devastated him, Anne most certainly is not. She has the great misfortune of having to watch him hunt a wife right in front of her.

Persuasion is listed as an Austen-reader favorite almost as frequently as Pride and Prejudice because the tension between Anne and Frederick is so palpable, it leaps off of the page. In Persuasion: The Wild and Wanton Edition, I take that tension and ratchet it up a notch, weaving explicit scenes into Austen’s original text. Have you always wondered about Captain Wentworth’s more base, military side? Pick up this wild and wanton edition and enjoy some truly naughty Naval action.