A Long and Colorful History

By Elley Arden, author of Save My Soul and Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding

Crashing the Congressman's WeddingI’m thrilled to be introducing readers to a new series with the release of Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding. This book has a long and colorful history, including a contest win, a soul-crushing rejection, and too many revisions to count. And yet, here we are. (Let me tell you, I’m so thankful to be here!)

I’m a firm believer in what’s “meant to be.” Although, the philosophy gets pushed to the limit in publishing. When I’m doubting myself, it’s hard to imagine any rejection is “meant to be,” but after what I’ve been through I believe it even more.

Long before Crimson Romance was in existence, Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding was submitted to a couple publishers who saw promise in the story, but ultimately decided not to contract it. Those rejections were blessings in disguise. As I’ve watched events unfold, I’ve realized my vision for this book and the series could’ve never come true with a publisher other than Crimson. Where else could I publish a category-length series without making sure all the heroes are “alpha” enough? Where the right number of tropes are used? Where the tone isn’t too “fun and flirty” for the line? Let’s face it. Category-romance is fraught with rules and regulations.

After 40 years in this skin, I’m most comfortable outside the box, and I trust readers can find enjoyment and value in books that don’t follow a formula. (Something the success of Indie publishing proves.) Crimson Romance has allowed me to flex my creative wings while supporting me in the process. That’s no small feat in today’s ever-tightening publishing world.

So, welcome to Harmony Falls, Pennsylvania, where you’ll find heroes who’ve never heard of alpha or beta, tropes that get turned on their heads, and heroines who manage to be likeable even when they do unlikeable things. It’s a town where nosey people band together to support an unlikely “first lady” and “big fish” choke on the stagnant water in their small pond. Maybe best of all, it’s a series where reader opinion matters. (The hero and heroine of Book #3 changed after feedback from ARC readers, who emailed me asking about one character in particular.)

Readers will start with Crashing the Congressman’s Wedding, the perfect summer read, because aside from being dubbed “fun and flirty,” a portion of the story takes place during a road trip to Carolina Beach. Heroine Alice Cramer is the town’s drama queen. Congressman Justin Mitchell is the town’s golden boy. When she stands up in church to stop his farcical wedding, all hell breaks loose. It’s an arranged-marriage trope gone bad, a little sister in love with her brother’s best friend, and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. See what I mean? Throw those rules out the window. *grins*

And the second book in the Harmony Falls series, Battling the Best Man, is tentatively set for release in November.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride into small town America, where life isn’t half as boring as it seems.

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