A Legacy Lives On — Dorothy Fletcher

By Amanda L.V. Shalaby, author of Rhianna and Audra

Always, My LoveDorothy Fletcher (1910-1980) was a beloved author of romance classics who created a long list of authentic characters and enduring stories for her devoted readers. Many of those romance classics have been long out-of-print and, until now, only used copies could be found online – some for as much as $25 a piece.

But do not despair! Crimson Romance has come to the rescue, publishing many of Ms. Fletcher’s works in digital (and affordable) format! No more searching the “used books” section of your local bookstore, or hoping for the best at your neighbor’s garage sale. You can have your personal Dorothy Fletcher library instantly. As with all of your favorite Crimson Romance novels, Ms. Fletcher’s novels are now only a click away from your eReader. How thrilling that this treasured collection of love stories will live on, as Ms. Fletcher no doubt hoped!

For example, Always, My Love is a fabulous romance that I had the very great privilege of reading as an advanced copy. Iris Easton, fresh off of a failed engagement, and her Aunt Louisa, an attractive, wealthy widow, travel together to France and meet the dashing Paul Chandon. Is Paul the man of Iris’ dreams, or a scheming fortune hunter only interested in her aunt’s inheritance? You only have to wait as long as it takes you to read it to find out.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Crimson Romance family! Whether you are a fan of Dorothy Fletcher, or a potential new fan, with this new “classic” addition to the line’s already numerous romance sub-genres, we will truly never want for reading material.

What are some of your favorite out-of-print books that you would like to see available in eReader format?