A Day in the Life …

Ever wonder what being a romance writer is like? Read on to find out what Iris Leach, author of Looking for Prince Charming, has to say!

Iris: Got up this morning intending to write all day; create a masterpiece that would make my editor’s eyes bulge with excitement.

It’s freezing. I turn on the shower, jump in without testing and scream! No hot water. Okay, I tell my goose bumps, for your sake I’ll suffer my grime.

Wrapped in my wooly dressing-gown and grandma slippers, ideas swirling around my brain, I stumble my way into the kitchen and head for the coffee pot, I’m anxious to start working on my second romantic comedy.

I feel oddly nervous. My first book, Looking for Prince Charming, is being launched. What if no one reads it? I take a swallow of coffee, sigh as the caffeine hits the blood stream. Being a writer is not as easy as one may think. Okay, you get to sit on your butt for most of the day and stare out of the window at nature’s best, but my swirling ideas have suddenly dried up–swirled off to I-know-not-where as it occurs to me that my husband hasn’t got a clean shirt, I promised wheelchair-bound auntie I’d ring her, and damn me if I don’t see the next-door’s dog I’ve kindly given my last cookie to pooping in husband’s treasured tomato patch.

I stare at the computer screen, my mind a blank. Maybe I should just give in and go back to bed?

I got the idea for my first book from an old Spencer and Hepburn movie though the hero is more Cary Grant than Spencer Tracey and the heroine a ringer for Charlize Theron. I’m a movie buff and my protagonists always take on the likeness of the movie stars. L-u-v-e Colin Firth. The mere thought of that man brings on another attack of goose bumps.

Their personal problems and their goals come as I’m developing the characters. I think the most difficult and most essential part of writing romance is the set-up or first conflict. As far as falling love with each other is concerned – it’s a breeze I’ve done it numerous times.

Just had a brilliant idea, what if the hero and heroine have a one-night-stand? What if the heroine falls pregnant? What would she do? Tell the hero, who she imagines doesn’t love her? She tells her best friend, who thinks it’s her duty to tell the hero, and then the sparks fly. Hmm, I think this is the set-up for my next book. Does it grab you as a reader?

I’ve battled with my conscience whether to do the laundry and clean up the poop. Coffee, a good romance, and back to bed won hands down.

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