A Charitable Partnership

By Jennifer Lawler

Enlisted by LoveIt’s no secret that in addition to my work as Crimson Romance’s imprint manager, I write romances under a couple of pen names – three, to be exact: Jenny Jacobs (sweet contemporary and historical), Alicia Thorne (spicy) and Jessica Starre (everything else).

And Jenny Jacobs has a new book releasing this week from Crimson – Enlisted by Love. This is the second romance I ever wrote, so it is near to my heart. It follows the story of Greta Ferguson, who likes her life to be picture-perfect, and the Army man who comes to mess it up. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

As some of you know, my lovely daughter Jessica has a genetic disorder called tuberous sclerosis that has caused her many difficulties in life. A wonderful organization, the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance, was there for me when she was born and has been my greatest source of information — and hope — in all the years since.

So I am pleased to announce that I will be sharing a portion of my earnings from my fiction with the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. If you enjoy reading Jessica Starre, Alicia Thorne, or Jenny Jacobs, know that your purchase helps fund research into this devastating disease — and information and support for families like mine.

Jennifer Lawler Charitable Partnership

And many thanks for all of the kindness and support of Crimson readers and authors over the months that we have been on this adventure together!

10 thoughts on “A Charitable Partnership

  1. Leslie Garcia

    Congratulations on your release, and thanks for all the work you do for others, whether at Crimson or advancing knowledge, and hopefully positive steps forward, for Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance.