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Books in Any Form

Begin Again By Christy Newton, author of Begin Again I love books! Books in any form are great, but there is just something extra special about a paperback. The feel of the paper pages, the earthy smell, using a good old-fashioned book mark. And going to a library or book store to search for that perfect story that will take you away from your ordinary life. When you find it, you leave with the book or books in hand and smile on your face. Paperbacks will never be replaced in my heart. So it brings me great joy that my book, ... Read more >

Special Promotion on ‘Full Circle’ in Honor of Crimson Author Kay Rogal

Full Circle A few weeks ago, the Crimson Romance family lost a dear friend and colleague, Kay Rogal, author of Sweet Revenge and Full Circle. In memory and honor of Kay and her work, we are offering a special promotion the first week in April. From April 1st through 7th, the eBook version of Full Circle will be just 99 cents at all vendors! Please visit this link for more information about Kay, and how she’s being honored by her friends and fellow authors — and how you can join in.

Overcoming Obstacles and Winning the Gold!

In Plain Sight By Susanne Matthews, author of In Plain Sight and Fire Angel Nothing can take the place of determination and persistence. Putting everything you have into everything you do is the only way to succeed. Half-hearted efforts yield partial results. Never was that more obvious than in watching the Olympics last month. The Russians put everything they had into their bid to host the games, and while not everyone in the world was pleased with the Olympic Committee’s decision to award the games to Russia, the country ... Read more >

Whirlwind Romances

Little White Lies By R.C. Matthews, author of Little White Lies Who doesn’t love a whirlwind romance? I don’t just mean a love story where the hero and heroine meet and fall in love at first sight. But rather an over the top, sweep you off your feet, knock your socks off, this would likely never happen in real life kind of romance. You know what I’m talking about, right? I can’t speak for you, but when I read a love story, I want to go places I’ve never gone before. I want to believe that anything is possible– no ... Read more >

A Bad Boy, or Just a Boy Who is Bad?

The Arrangement By Bethany-Kris, author of The Arrangement and Lynked A bad boy, or just a boy who is bad? There’s a definite difference between the two. The bad boy, he gives off the impression that he simply owns an attitude problem. Cocky, confident, usually tattooed, commonly slumming it with a less than favorable crowd and owns a distinct air of mystery. On some level, he harbors anger, has some trust issues, and all the while, he’s just waiting for somebody to help settle him. All of those things essentially draw the ... Read more >

Why I Love Romantic Suspense

Fatal Snag By Angela Smith, author of Fatal Snag and Burn on the Western Slope Why do I love romantic suspense? It’s a question asked of me often, and I usually have the same spiel as an answer. You know, I’ve always read, always loved romance, liked suspense and then I started working at a prosecutor’s office and yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah. It’s a difficult question to answer because loving romantic suspense, loving to read and write and loving to write romantic suspense has just always seemed to be a part ... Read more >

A Romantic Treat for St. Patrick’s Day ~ Scones!

Lake Effect By Johannah Bryson, author of Lake Effect There’s nothing I love better than a great romance novel, a good cup of tea, and a tasty scone! They’re really very easy to make and I’ve found that when I follow a few simple rules, I have great success. My first rule is to pre-measure everything I need, and then put it in the fridge the night before, including the dry ingredients. I also put my mixing bowl and paddle in the fridge as well. 2 cups all purpose flour ¼ cup white sugar 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp ... Read more >

Closing Out a Series: The End of a Beginning

Heal My Heart By Elley Arden, author of Heal My Heart, Change My Mind, and Save My Soul Almost a year ago, my debut romance novel released. Save My Soul: Book One in the Kemmons Brothers Baseball Series went on to become an Amazon Top 100 Bestseller, far surpassing my expectations and spurring two more romance novels about a family of brothers bound together by blood and baseball. Jordon is an agent. Grey is a centerfielder. Tag is a team physician. For the longest time, Tag had been a mystery to me. I knew he was the ... Read more >

A Writer’s Toolkit

Five of Hearts By Jennifer DeCuir, author of Wynter’s Journey, Five of Hearts, and Drawn to Jonah Every writer needs a toolkit, something to help the process go more smoothly. I have many things in my own toolkit, but for the sake of brevity, I am going to list my top five toolkit essentials. #1: My Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad Have you heard of this amazing invention? It’s a notepad for the shower! Because that’s where some of my best ideas are born. No longer do I have to chant a thought over and over while I ... Read more >