Learning by the Book

By Kathryn Brocato, author of Bride by the BookThe Look-Alike Bride, and more!

Bride by the BookOne of the ways to get through college faster is known to be taking the advanced standing quizzes in some subjects and receiving college credits. One man I know received college credits in Calculus I, II, and III by acquiring books, working all the problems in the books, then passing the quizzes. The only problem was that the college didn’t like it. He wasn’t paying the proper amount of money for all those semester hours. This man’s college changed the rules because of him and disallowed taking more than one course for credit in this manner.

When I wanted to get a science degree, I did not have enough math background, particularly in algebra, to pass the required calculus courses. My husband tutored me until I had more of a background then advised me to get an old high school algebra book (with answers to the problems) the summer before I took calculus and work all the problems in the book. Believe it or not, I did that and was surprised to find out how easy algebra really was without all the modern set-theory obfuscation the so-called educators stuck in most books copyrighted after 1960.

These days, learning by the book has morphed into “distance learning,” meaning online courses. You can earn a college degree, all the way up to a Ph.D., by studying online, which is the modern way of learning “by the book.” The only requirement for success is the self-discipline to study on your own, without having to be prodded by a parent or a teacher, and the ability to discover answers to questions on your own, by research or by asking a mentor who already has the desired skill set.

In my latest release from Crimson Romance, Bride By The Book, beautiful software engineer Angie Brownwood has decided to leave her father’s software company in Palo Alto, where she worked long hours and had no life of her own, and move to a small town in Arkansas where she has inherited a house, and get a life.

Realizing that jobs for computer experts are scarce in Smackover, Arkansas, Angie presents herself as an expert secretary. Since she knows most major software programs, all she needs to learn are skills like answering the telephone and filing. So she acquires several secretarial manuals and masters their contents, then sends out resumes to local businesses, advertising her skills.

Angie isn’t counting on working for a handsome lawyer like Garner Holt, but she jumps at the chance and soon finds that she has gotten herself more of a life than she bargained for, and she loves it. Too bad Palo Alto soon follows her to Arkansas and refuses to let her keep her wonderful new life—unless Angie can find the solution to this particular problem in one of her many books.