Endings and Beginnings

By Peggy Bird, author of the Holiday for Romance series and the Second Chances series

Sparked by LoveThere’s nothing more exciting than a new beginning. The thrill of a fresh start makes the heart beat faster at the possibilities. On the other end of the spectrum, there is arguably nothing sadder than the end of something familiar and comfortable.

In one of those bittersweet moments we all sometimes experience, I’m feeling both emotions this month. On June 4th, Crimson Romance and I will mark the end of our second year together—and the beginning of our third. I was one of the original twenty-five, excited-out-of-our-tiny-minds writers whose book babies were released to the world on that day as a new romance imprint debuted. Now, two years down a sometimes rough but always interesting road, my six-book series that started in 2012 with Beginning Again is complete. I have said good-bye to six couples who have been my constant companions for almost five years as I struggled to write, rewrite and wrestle their stories into publishable shape. I don’t want to say good-bye to them (particularly to Tony and Marius who have starred in some spectacular dreams along the way) but I have to. They have moved on to their happily-ever-afters and it’s time to let go.

The flip side of the coin is that on June 16th Sparked By Love, the first book in my new series—A Holiday For Romance—will be published. Even after six releases, the thrill of seeing the novel appear on Amazon for presale and knowing that soon after midnight on the big day, a copy of my book—MY BOOK—will appear on my iPad Kindle app is just as sweet as it was two years ago when I experienced it for the first time.

I can look forward to Leo and Shannon celebrating July Fourth come this June, after that, Trace and Julie are unmasked in October, then yummy Dominic and Catherine ring in New Year’s Eve, and Taylor and Bella celebrate her birthday. The excitement of the new will more than make up for saying farewell to the old.

And as I’ve said good-bye to my old characters and hello to my new, Crimson Romance is saying adieu to their original website and hola to an exciting new one. This is the last post I’ll be writing for the editor’s blog. This feature will disappear to make room for better information about all the amazing romances Crimson publishes as well as provide a convenient way to purchase them through the website.

We’ve had an exciting two years, Crimson Romance and I. And it looks like it will only get better in our third year. Come on back here later this week for a look at the new website. Then join me in celebrating the June 16th release of Sparked By Love.

Maybe I won’t miss Tony and Marius as much as I thought I would.