Lacy, Shay

When she’s not writing her own stories, Shay Lacy likes to alter TV shows, movies, novels, songs and any other type of storytelling to her liking. Everything she sees/hears is fodder for a story.

Blood Secrets

Blood Secrets Release date: 17 February 2014 Her dreams will show her who wants him dead, but who can sleep with a sexy man and danger close? Ileana Alvarez Calderon and her family are bound to the past: them to a country they left two generations ago, and her to a deceased fiancé. But the Sight has shown she’ll have a forbidden lover. Meeting importer Michael Ziffkin awakens a part of her she thought died with her fiancé. But now she dreams of danger, and to protect this man her family rejects, she will have to defy them. ... Read more >

Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies Release date: 4 November 2013 Lies are his specialty, but sometimes the truth can be deadly. Actor turned private investigator Charlie Ziffkin has traced a stolen sculpture to the hometown that haunts him. He needs to find the statue and get out of town fast, but when he learns the police use his former sweetheart Juliana Sanchez’s psychic abilities to locate stolen goods, their reunion seems fated. He loved her as a boy; as a man with a terrible secret, he has to let her go. Juliana knows firsthand how well ... Read more >


Counterpoint Release date: 29 July 2013 Defend me in court or else, accused racketeer Adam Steele orders. The last thing defense attorney Bryce Gannon wants to do is get another criminal acquitted. And it does look like it might be the last thing he does. Somebody has already tried to kill him. Now the Feds tell him there’s a traitor in Steele’s organization who may be gunning for him and that Steele has sent him a beautiful spy to make sure Bryce complies. The Attorney General orders Ciara Alafita to find out if Bryce is ... Read more >


Touchpoint Release date: 11 March 2013 She learns secrets with a touch. He has secrets to hide. Insurance investigator Gabrielle Healey uses her touch clairvoyance to learn the truth about disasters. But when the crippled Densmore building can’t provide the answers she needs to deny the claim, surely the man who designed it can. The evidence points to a flawed design. A touch will confirm his guilt. Brilliant architect Christian Ziko has secrets he can’t reveal, and not that he caused the building he created to collapse. ... Read more >

Hero Needed

hero needed Some heroes are born and some are forged by events. Marisa’s best friend Carolyn is killed by a train, but then Carolyn’s husband claims she committed suicide. Proving he’s wrong will be a heroic feat. EMT Nick Stark seems a natural for the job. Yet the truths Marisa and Nick uncover spark unexpected danger. Does the secret of Marisa’s parentage tie in with Carolyn’s death? And is Marisa prepared to face the truth in order to identify whoever now wants her dead? by Shay Lacy Romantic suspense Sensuality ... Read more >