Classic Romance

Flight from Love

Flight from Love Release date: 26 May 2014 Reagan Hollingsworth’s announcement was a stunning declaration for lovely nurse Brooke Martin: “I’m going to marry you, so you may as well get used to the idea.” Such a proposal from the incredibly handsome and wealthy Reagan was enough to flatter any girl—and Brooke Martin was no exception. But there were other things to consider despite the whirlwind emotions. For instance, marriage was a sometime thing to Reagan, but Brooke was a “’til death do us part” kind of girl. ... Read more >

The Heart Remembers

The Heart Remembers Release date: 31 March 2014 Life in Harbor Pines was placid and tranquil. Everything followed its usual pattern; everyone moved peacefully along through life. But one night it all blew up in Shelley Kimbrough’s face, and she was torn from the tracks of her habitual way of living. That night Shelley learned about the frailties of love—and the strength of another woman’s treachery. It was a night that a triangle turned to tragedy. by Peggy Gaddis Classic Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors Available at: ... Read more >

Secret Honeymoon

Secret Honeymoon Release date: 10 March 2014 Jealousy had shattered the happiness of Cathy and Bill’s secret elopement. When Mark, the handsome man from Cathy’s past, suddenly reappeared, Bill saw in their fond reunion a threat to his own love. Hurt and angered, he returned to his rich matchmaking aunt and the fortune he’d nearly lost by loving the wrong girl. And suddenly, Cathy was faced with a frightening choice—did she want the husband she’d married or the man who’d returned from her past? by Peggy Gaddis ... Read more >

Caribbean Melody

Caribbean Melody Release date: 24 February 2014 Their dancing duo was an overnight sensation at the posh Martinique hotel. It seemed like instant success, but Kristin knew that hard work and Leon’s driving ambition had brought them tot his point. Kristin was only beginning to realize that she was Leon’s ticket to stardom—and he was not going to lose her to anyone—not even to the handsome owner of the hotel who wanted to give her the world in exchange for her heart. by Peggy Gaddis Classic Sensuality Level: Behind Closed ... Read more >

No Nice Girl

No Nice Girl Release date: 20 January 2014 When a thoroughly “nice” girl is clever as well, let her less strongly armed sisters beware. Phyllis Gordon was completely honest and very intelligent. Terry McLean was her first and only lover, and she knew his declarations were sincere. But Phyllis cared too much for him to marry him until she had rid herself of her unrequited passion for her millionaire employer, Kenyon Rutledge. But that looked like a hopeless cause, because Kenyon’s fiancee, Letty Lawrence, was also well ... Read more >

Mountain Melody

Mountain Melody Release date: 30 December 2013 Crossways was a luxurious hunting and fishing lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains, owned and operated by Judge Bramblett. The judge, retired from the bench, was assisted by his two granddaughters: Cherry, a pretty redhead with a warm, outgoing personality who loved the world and all its creatures; and her older sister Loyce, depressed and withdrawn since the death of her fiancé fourteen months before. Although the two sisters wer superficially as different as night and day, they had at ... Read more >

A Bridge for Judith

A Bridge for Judith Release date: 30 December 2013 If she helped him in business, she’d lose him to another woman… Judith Barnes had loved and lost when her fiancé, Miles Estey, suddenly left town under a cloud of suspicion of embezzlement. Putting that behind her, Judith became private secretary to her former childhood sweetheart, Alan Fraser, now a handsome attorney and head of the city’s bridge authority. Judith felt herself recapturing the deep feelings she had had for Alan years ago. Then the same unscrupulous political ... Read more >

Only Make-Believe

Only Make-Believe Release date: 30 December 2013 Nita Nolan came to Hollywood in 1921, star-struck, beautiful, and broke, like thousands of other young girls who dreamed of becoming the next Mary Pickford, Mabel Normand, or Theda Bara. Nita made her first screen appearance as a pie-throwing cutie in a comedy two-reeler, but soon, with the help of comedian Billy Bowers, she became a member of the dazzling, glamorous movie-star world she’d only read about. Nita learned, however, that Hollywood’s glittering surface concealed a ... Read more >

River’s Edge

River's Edge Release date: 30 December 2013 River’s Edge was the sort of elegant Southern estate her father had always dreamed of owning, but as far as Kate Ryan was concerned, living there was like serving a sentence behind enemy lines. The Ryans were strangers in town and the town didn’t like strangers. Dr. Scott Etheridge was a stranger, too, but things were different in his case. He was good husband material for the wild, blond daughter of the town’s first family. Kate realized this from the moment she saw him, but ... Read more >

Reach for Tomorrow

Reach for Tomorrow Release date: 30 December 2013 The story of a beautiful, disillusioned nurse who found excitement, challenge, and love aboard an ocean-going freighter. When Claire Frazier turned in her candy-striped probationer’s uniform for a pin reading Registered Nurse, she knew she owed a debt to those who had made her happiness possible. At once she set out to pay off her obligation with interest—and with love. To her patients, Claire gave time and understanding and the skill of her hands. To her fiancé, Dr. Richard ... Read more >