This Week’s Top Titles!

Check out the top Crimson Romance e-book titles! Get your copy today!

Wyn Security1. Wyn Security: The Complete Series by Dana Volney (romantic suspense bundle)

2. Courtly Pleasures by Erin Kane Spock (historical)

3. High Stick: Jarrett by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

4. Body Check: Thor by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

5. Medal Up: A Winter Games Duology by Nicole Flockton and Fiona Marsden (contemporary)

6. Face Off: Emile by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

7. Slap Shot: Bryant by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

8. Practice Perfect: The Complete Series by Ruby Lang (contemporary bundle)

9. The Cotillion Ball Saga: The Complete Series by Becky Lower (historical bundle)

10. Romance in New England: 7 Love Stories by various authors (contemporary bundle)