This Week’s Top Titles!

Check out the top Crimson Romance e-book titles! Get your copy today!

Sweet Gone South1. Sweet Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

2. Nightingale by Sharon Ervin (historical)

3. Nothing’s Sweeter than Candy by Lotchie Burton (spicy)

4. Romance in New England: 7 Love Stories by various authors (contemporary bundle)

5. Crossroads: The Complete Series by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary bundle)

6. Sweet Tea & Sunshine: 9 Deep South Romances by various authors (contemporary bundle)

7. Sweet Child of Mine: 6 Secret Baby Romances by various authors (contemporary bundle)

8. Scallop Shores: 4 Contemporary Romances by Jennifer DeCuir (contemporary bundle)

9. Live, Laugh, Love: 5 Romantic Comedies by various authors (contemporary bundle)

10. Lovesick in Seattle: 6 Washington State Romances by various authors (contemporary bundle)