This Week’s Top Titles!

Check out the top Crimson Romance eBook titles! Get your copy today!

Beauford Bend1. Beauford Bend: The Complete Series by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary bundle)

2. Sweet Texas Secrets: The Complete Series by various authors (contemporary bundle)

3. Holidays for Romance: The Complete Series by Peggy Bird (contemporary bundle)

4. Scallop Shores: 4 Contemporary Romances by Jennifer DeCuir (contemporary bundle)

5. To Protect and Serve: 7 Military Romances by various authors (contemporary bundle)

6. Coming Home by Christine S. Feldman (contemporary)

7. Desert Guards: The Complete Series by Holley TrentBUY NOW (paranormal bundle)

8. California Wishes: The Complete Series by Casey Dawes (contemporary bundle)

9. Across Time: 5 Time-Travel Romances by various authors (paranormal bundle)

10. Wedding Season: 10 Nuptial Novels by various authors (contemporary bundle)