Crimson Romance All-Time Bestsellers

Crimson has been bringing readers smart, heartwarming novels since it launched in June 2012. Here are some of those fan favorites — our top 25 all-time bestsellers!

Once a Duchess1. Once a Duchess by Elizabeth Boyce (historical)

2. Once an Heiress by Elizabeth Boyce (historical)

3. Breathing His Air by Debra Kayn (contemporary)

4. Once an Innocent by Elizabeth Boyce (historical)

5. Prelude to a Seduction by Lotchie Burton (spicy)

6. Worth the Wait by Synithia Williams (contemporary)

7. Rock Her by Rachel Cross (contemporary)

8. Her Knight in Black Leather by J.M. Stewart (contemporary)

Collared for a Night9. Sweet Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

10. Rock Him by Rachel Cross (contemporary)

11. On the Fly by Katie Kenyhercz (contemporary)

12. Collared for a Night by Susan Arden (spicy)

13. California Wine by Casey Dawes (contemporary)

14. The Reluctant Debutante by Becky Lower (historical)

15. Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition by Annabella Bloom and Jane Austen (Wild and Wanton)

16. The Wicked Bad by Karyn Gerrard (spicy)

Scrimmage Gone South17. Falling for You by Heather Thurmeier (contemporary)

18. You Can’t Plan Love by Synithia Williams (contemporary)

19. What a Texas Girl Wants by Kristina Knight (contemporary)

20. Brooklyn Love by Yael Levy (contemporary)

21. Scrimmage Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary)

22. Love, Eternally by Morgan O’Neill (paranormal)

23. The Rebel’s Own by M.O. Kenyan (contemporary)

24. Small Town Secrets by Molly Kate Gray (romantic suspense)

25. Unbound by Nikkie Locke (romantic suspense)