Rock Her

This Week’s Top Titles!

Check out the top Crimson Romance eBook titles! Get your copy today! 1. Rock Her by Rachel Cross (contemporary) 2. Once Upon a Wager by Julie LeMense (historical) 3. Once a Duchess by Elizabeth Boyce (historical) 4. Time After Time by various authors (historical bundle) 5. Just My Type by Synithia Williams (contemporary) 6. Mischief and Magnolias by Marie Patrick (historical) 7. A Treasure Worth Keeping...

Once a Duchess

Crimson Romance All-Time Bestsellers

Crimson has been bringing readers smart, heartwarming novels since it launched in June 2012. Here are some of those fan favorites — our top 25 all-time bestsellers! 1. Once a Duchess by Elizabeth Boyce (historical) 2. Once an Heiress by Elizabeth Boyce (historical) 3. Breathing His Air by Debra Kayn (contemporary) 4. Once an Innocent by Elizabeth Boyce (historical) 5. Prelude to a Seduction by Lotchie Burton...