Sweet Texas Secrets

This Week’s Top Titles!

Check out the top Crimson Romance eBook titles! Get your copy today! 1. Sweet Texas Secrets: The Complete Series by various authors (contemporary bundle) 2. Beauford Bend: The Complete Series by Alicia Hunter Pace (contemporary bundle) 3. Holidays for Romance: The Complete Series by Peggy Bird (contemporary bundle) 4. Scallop Shores: 4 Contemporary Romances by Jennifer DeCuir (contemporary bundle) 5. To...

Texas Wishes

Crimson Romance All-Time Bestsellers

Crimson has been bringing readers smart, heartwarming novels since it launched in 2012. Here are some of those fan favorites — our top 25 all-time bestsellers! 1. Texas Wishes: The Complete Series by Kristina Knight (contemporary bundle) 2. Once a Duchess by Elizabeth Boyce (historical) 3. Emerald Springs Legacy: The Complete Collection by Monica Tillery, Holley Trent, Elley Arden, Nicole...