Wynter’s Journey

Release date: 14 April 2014
Wynter's JourneyTragedy tore Wynter and Sam apart before he could tell her how he felt about her. Twelve years later, fate dropped her off on his doorstep, widowed, desperately broke, and very pregnant. Sam has spent his entire adult life trying to forget Wynter, and here she was, ready to collect on a promise he’d made when he was young and in love. His sense of honor dictated that he take her in when she needed him most. It was only temporary, after all. But living under the same roof quickly led to old feelings resurfacing. Now the one person he’d wanted to leave behind is the one person he can’t let go.

She knew seeing her reminded Sam of everything he’d lost, but Wynter had no choice. If she were going to make it back to Scallop Shores to raise her baby, she needed his help. Only she hadn’t counted on the long winter nights, getting reacquainted with a childhood friend she’d loved like a brother, a friend who’d grown into a man she found herself wanting to get to know on a whole different level.

Delivering Wynter’s baby at home during a fierce snow storm forces Sam to fill in BUY NOWas temporary dad. It’s a role he’d gladly make permanent. Too bad the one place Wynter is determined to raise her daughter is the one place Sam swore he’d never step foot in again. Had he gotten a second chance to tell her he loved her only to lose her again? Or is this time for keeps?

by Jennifer DeCuir

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Jennifer DeCuir lives in rain-soaked Seattle with her husband and two children, drinking way too much coffee and dreaming of sunshine while she plots her next book. Find Jennifer DeCuir at www.jenniferdecuir.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


An excerpt from Wynter’s Journey:

He heard her long before he saw her. The biting wind carried the great, wrenching sobs over the tall snowbanks and across the road. Sam had been shoveling out the driveway for Riley, his only neighbor, so the woman’s cries had to be coming from his place. Quickening his pace, his eyes narrowed, searching. Was this person hurt? How had she gotten there? He didn’t think to ask himself who it might be. It didn’t matter. She was upset. She needed help.

Tossing the shovel in the general direction of his mailbox, Sam hurried up the driveway, casting a glance this way and that. He spotted the woman on his porch swing, curled up against the cold. Her face was hidden; he couldn’t tell her age. It was then he noticed the pile of luggage at her feet. Okay, now he’d ask: who on Earth was she? He certainly wasn’t expecting any guests.

He stepped closer and leaned down. He was about to speak when a lock of hair, bold, fiery red, slipped from beneath her knit cap. His heart clutched and the comforting smile on his face slid away as she lifted her tear-soaked face, her lower lip trembling. Dear God, no. Please, anyone but her.

“Wynter,” he managed to croak out.

“Sam. Oh, my God, I’m sorry you found me like this.” She shook her head back and forth, cringing. “I’m sorry I just showed up like this.”

“How did you find me?” He spun on his heel and lifted his face to the bracing Vermont morning.

It didn’t matter. It was the twenty-first century. Anyone with a working knowledge of technology could locate just about anyone on the planet. If she really wanted to find him, she would have eventually. He just hadn’t expected her to try.

“Pauline. Please don’t be mad at her, Sam. Blame me. I … I need you.”

He thanked God he wasn’t facing her when she’d uttered that. He closed his eyes, emotions boiling to the surface. Guilt pulled at his gut. He’d left her. He hadn’t expected to ever see her again. And damned if it didn’t feel good to see her again. A long time ago he’d have given anything to hear those words. Now they scored fresh abrasions on an already battered heart.