What the Gambler Risks

Release date: October 3, 2016
What the Gambler RisksBest-selling author Kristina Knight’s Billionaire Cowboys are back for one final ride with this seductive story of long-simmering feelings and hot Vegas nights.

Twenty-something ice queen Sabrina Smith enjoys the fame and fortune she’s found writing self-help books for a largely female audience. Her readers hang on every word of how the Vegas Virgin—an unflattering and inaccurate moniker given to her by a local shock jock—juggles dating, working, and friendships in Sin City.

And that’s why Jase Reeves spells trouble.

Jase knows Sabrina’s secret—that she’s not nearly as cold as she would like people to think—and he’s through keeping it. He didn’t intend to have a one-night stand with the Vegas Virgin, but now he can’t get her out of his head. And he can’t keep living this lie.

With Jase back at the tables in Vegas, Sabrina has one goal: stay away from the handsome gambler before he melts her career—and her heart.BUY NOW

by Kristina Knight

“Kristina Knight does it again! … Her stories never disappoint. If you haven’t read one of her books, you definitely need to.” —Christine Warner, author of The Friends First series

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Kristina Knight lives on the shores of Lake Erie with her very own Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots, an incredibly precocious seven-year-old, and one very silly puppy. She writes romance with heart, heat, and, of course, happily ever after. Follow Kristina at her website www.kristinaknightauthor.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter @AuthorKristina.


An excerpt from What the Gambler Risks:

Jase Reeves fucking loved casinos. He loved the crowds and the noise, the drinks and the pretty women serving them. He especially liked knowing he was in control. He approached gambling as he did pretty much everything else in his life: with caution. He played until he started to feel out of control, and then he quit. Folded his hand, picked up whatever chips he had on the table, and left.

Mostly he liked that casinos were predictable. Someone would win and someone would lose, and the fun was in seeing which someone would wear which hat at the end of the night.

The beautiful woman sitting across the table from him, weighing her options, made him like casinos more than he usually did. From the second she sat across from him, he’d sat a little straighter in his chair, felt a little more awake than he had since he arrived in Atlantic City a couple of weeks before.

He studied her for at least the tenth time since she’d arrived in the poker room. Long blond hair fell in waves past her shoulders. He thought her eyes were blue, but it was impossible to tell in the dim lighting. He did know she had all the right curves in all the right places under those tight jeans and the fitted, aqua T-shirt she wore. She twisted her mouth to the side.

“I’ll take two,” she said and slid two cards across the table to the dealer.

Jase took a look at his own hand, noting the two threes and two tens in his hand. The woman across the table grimaced. Whatever she’d been hoping for, she hadn’t gotten. Good news for him.

“One,” he said and tossed the lone jack in his hand onto the table. The dealer slid a card across. It was a three. Not the best news, but still a full house. Based on the increased nibbling the woman was doing to her lower lip, he was in good shape. “Are you in?”

She tossed a chip onto the small pile in the middle of the table. “I’ll bet ten,” she said.

Nice bluff, but Jase wasn’t buying. Her sexy voice might say she was in the game, but her body language screamed she was out of it. He considered raising, just to see what she would do. The possibility that she would fold and leave was too great, so he tossed a chip in the same denomination she’d used onto the table.


“The woman took another look at the cards in her hands and then laid them flat on the table, her long fingers caressing them and causing the blood to rush from Jase’s mind to below his belt. His brain short-circuited for a moment, imagining those thin fingers with the white-tipped nails running over his belly, scratching their way down his back.

Not a smart thing to think about in the middle of a card game. Technically the end of a card game, but still.

The cards she put down included an ace, king, and jack, but no queen and nothing else to go with it. Jase laid his full house on the table and reached into the middle.

“One more round?” she asked.

Good, she wasn’t ready to give up just yet. This was a good sign.