Threads of Desire

Release date: 10 February 2014
Threads of DesireSexy fashionista Gabrielle Russell has been challenging Nick Ross most of his life and now is no exception. A top financial analyst, Nick has been dating his boss’s daughter and he’s on the fast track to turning his five-year marathon into a three-year sprint. But life throws him a curve when he finds his perfect girlfriend curled up in a very un-zen like position with her yoga instructor. Faced with this awkward downward dog, Nick heads to the only place he can think of—his brother Steve’s place—only to be stuck face to hips, thighs, lips, just about everything with his roommate, Gabby. She’s the habit Nick just can’t shake. The one that got away and she won’t let him forget it.

Gabrielle is frustrated. She’s been banging it out for years as a curvy girl trying to make her creative mark on the exclusive world of New York fashion and she’s hit a brick wall both personally and professionally. Now stuck in a dead end job designing jersey pantsuits for wannabe mafia wives while dodging the advances of her boss’s son, she doesn’t know how to get out of the hole she’s dug for herself. At least she has a bit of peace in the small apartment she shares with her childhood friend and roommate, Steve.BUY NOW

Or she did until Nick Ross—Mr. Perfection and her own devastation, the one who broke her heart and almost broke her spirit—walked in. And now he’s back and looking for a place to camp out while he gets his life back on track. Well, she’s got news for him: She’s not the same girl she was all those years ago when just a look would send her heart stuttering. Okay, maybe she is, but now maybe it’s time the tables were turned on the unflappable Nick Ross.

by K.M. Jackson

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
K.M. Jackson is a writer of women’s fiction, and a former fashion designer. She lives in the suburbs of New York with her husband, boy/girl twins and her precocious terrier named Jack who keeps her on her toes. She can be found at her website


An excerpt from Threads of Desire:


“Jeez. Give us a minute. What, are you laying on the bell?” Steve went to the hall and yelled into the intercom. “What the hell do you want?”

A slurred voice on the other end seeped through the speaker. “It’s Nech, man. Lemme up.

“Who?” Steve yelled back. “I can’t understand you.”

“Nickulish. Um, Nick, aw, come on, man, I really gotta pee.”


Nick. Otherwise known as Mr. Mistake. Gabby ignored the knot that instantly formed in the pit of her stomach and wiped her mysteriously sweaty palms on her thighs.

“Yeah, man, that’s what I said. Now ring the friggin’ bell, before I gotta go right out here.” Steve and Gabby looked at each other, confusing bouncing between the two of them. Nick, drunk? Steve shrugged and pressed the buzzer, letting his brother up while Gabby frowned and once again regretted her choice of attire. She sure as hell needed more than shorts and a tank top to arm herself for the unstoppable force that was Nicholas Ross.

The last time Nick had been over to their place was months ago when Steve and Gabby had had a dinner party to celebrate the brothers’ Aunt Lula’s most recent visit. Nick had come with his latest girlfriend, Claire, another one of his interchangeable fembots of perfection, draped elegantly on his arm. They’d spent the evening barely choking down the cheap wine that Gabby and Steve had put out while liberally looking down their noses at everyone. Nick had seemed to take particular pride in showing off the fact that this particular fembot happened to be his boss’s daughter—a fembot with a pedigree. It hadn’t fazed Gabby—well, not all that much. She’d received this treatment from Nick most of her life.

Aside from that one little closet episode.

As he made his way upstairs Gabby wondered what could bring Nick to their place at this hour of the night and in such a state. More than anything she hoped Cruella de Claire wasn’t once again by his side.

Moments later, there was a bang, bang, bang, bang, bang at the door. Okay then, Gabby thought, he must really have to go to have sprinted up the stairs that fast.

Steve opened the door and Gabby swallowed the comment about drunken sprints that was on the tip of her tongue because there he was—tall, dark, suited, handsome … and, to her shock, a disheveled mess.

This was not Nick. Nick didn’t do disheveled. Gabby’s mind immediately went to the only other time she’d seen him looking so messy and out of control. Another time, another closet. The first and the last time Nick Ross had knocked her out with a punch to her heart.