The Unquiet Heart

Captain Libby Comerford, a stunning, statuesque F-16 pilot is on the fast-track for promotion and the darling of the media when she arrives at Misawa Air Base in Northern Japan. As one of a select few females qualified to fly the fabled jet, she knows she has to prove she has “the right stuff’” to the men in the squadron, some of whom are not just skeptical of women flying in combat but downright hostile.

Focused exclusively on her career, Libby is determined not to get involved in a romantic relationship with anyone—until she meets the handsome, enigmatic Major Kojiro Yoshida. A pilot in the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, the proud Yoshida is torn between his passionate love for Libby and his obligations to both his family and his fiancé Motoko.

By Juliet McCarthy

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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Author Bio:
Juliet McCarthy taught English in Department of Defense schools on Air Force bases throughout Europe before marrying a fighter pilot and having five children. She has won an award in the prestigious Ian St. James Awards. Unquiet Heart is her first novel.