Sweet Tooth

Release date: January 18, 2016
Sweet ToothArtist Micah Taylor has returned home to tiny Fiesta, Florida, to pick up the pieces after the death of the father who disowned him. Mourning and still hurting that his dad never accepted that his son was gay, Micah stands at an emotional crossroads, unsure of his next move.

Cash Callahan was a born entrepreneur, spending all his lunch money in grade school on sweets at the dollar store—then selling it to his classmates for jacked-up prices. Now he’s bought a town icon and turned it into The Sweet Tooth, Fiesta’s only candy store.

When Micah decides to buy his father’s favorite candy to lay on his grave, the visit brings a flood of memories to both young men, who had admired each other from afar all through high school—though neither knew it at the time. Then Cash hires Micah to paint a mural on the side of his building, and they embark on a scorching-hot relationship on the down low.

Micah wants to publicly celebrate their rekindled feelings, but Cash fears the backlash from small-BUY NOWtown minds intolerant of both gay and interracial romance. Can Micah convince him that life is sweeter when you’re true to yourself?

by Jasmine Nightshade

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
A native Floridian, Jasmine Nightshade specializes in writing tantalizing tales that take place under the sweltering Florida sun. So if you’re ready for a little sun, surf and sex, check out one of her sizzling new stories today! Find Jasmine Nightshade at www.amazon.com/author/jasminenightshade, on Pinterest, and on Twitter @JazzyNightshade.


An excerpt from Sweet Tooth:

Cash Callahan was knee deep in the sugarplum display when something even sweeter walked through the door of his candy store, the Sweet Tooth.


Micah Taylor stood just inside the doorway, looking shabby chic in an ill-fitting black suit over a crisp white shirt, the collar open with no tie. He held a skateboard under one arm, the same one he’d ridden back in school, down to the same stupid peace symbol sticker on the deck. His soft brown skin was aglow, looking radiant, slick, and sexy as hell. Soft eyes peered back at Cash uncertainly, before widening with recognition.

“Cash?” he cried out, coming the rest of the way into the store and letting the door swing shut behind him. “What the hell, man?”

Cash shrugged, not sure how to reply. Instead he came out from the window display, wiped his hands on his green and white Sweet Tooth apron, and went to shake Micah’s hand.

In that moment, the two of them intimate and still in the empty store, Cash felt a flood of emotions surge through his body. Seeing his former classmate was a flashback he’d neither expected, nor was prepared for. He’d thought he’d put his feelings for Micah, never voiced to anyone but himself, far behind him.

He had certainly worked hard enough to, over the three years since they’d last seen one another, creating his “straight” life in Fiesta as carefully as he regarded his finances, his health, or any other important aspect of his life. He’d made peace with small town life, even relative celibacy. Or, at least, he thought he had. Clearly, the thumping of his heart and pounding of blood rushing through his ears told him all was not forgotten—not by a long shot.

Micah went to shake his hand, but at the last second seemed to change his mind and wrapped Cash in a warm, velvet hug instead. It was an electric sensation that both captivated and alarmed him. They had never even shaken hands before, and suddenly here they were, locked in an embrace straight out of one of Cash’s most secret, devout, and erotic fantasies. He smelled like mothballs, sunshine, and sweat—a heady mixture that made Cash wish the hug would never end. But it did, only too soon, and Cash leaned back against the nearby display counter to admire his old classmate in more ways than one.

“Look at you,” he said. Micah was long, lean, and limber, even in the baggy black suit. His hair was shorter than Cash remembered it—sexy, sleek, and framing the same chiseled face, caramel in color and glowing from the sun. “What are you up to these days?” That face darkened quietly in reply to Cash’s question.

Looking around the store nervously, Micah scratched his head, an old nervous habit he’d had since they were younger. “Listen, I don’t want to bring the reunion down or anything, but I’m on my way to dad’s gravesite and wanted to bring some candy with me.”

Cash literally slapped his forehead, feeling lower than low. “Oh man, talk about putting your foot in your mouth. I was so sorry when I heard the news…”

Micah stiffened subtly, waving a dismissive hand. “No biggie,” he said, avoiding Cash’s eyes. “I’m late for the funeral myself. By a few weeks.”