Sweet Texas Kiss

Release date: April 4, 2016
Monica Tillery Western Romance Novel Sweet Texas KissSmall town. Big secrets. Welcome to Sweet Ridge.

The Cooper brothers receive the shock of their lives when their deceased father, owner of the lucrative Guac Olé company, wills away their inheritances to three random women.

No one’s more surprised when Jack Cooper leaves the family estate to music superstar Macy Young than his oldest son. Seeing his childhood memories being handed over to his high school rival—the first woman to break his heart—stings, especially when Gavin is left only a pair of old reading glasses and a cryptic note. Luckily, Macy can’t sell the house for one year—plenty of time for Gavin to find a way to get it back.

Living in the harsh spotlight of country music fame has cost Macy, and a little hometown peace and quiet just might heal her soul. But giving up and giving back Gavin’s greatest prize may not be the tune she plans to sing.

BUY NOWCan a country star and a country veterinarian find a way to bury their animosity and rediscover their first love in the process?

by Monica Tillery

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Monica lives in Texas with her own real-life romance hero and two wonderful sons. When she’s not reading and writing romance, Monica can be found enjoying her family, hanging out and playing games with friends, and wasting time online.

Find Monica Tillery at www.monicatillery.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter @monicatillery.


An excerpt from Sweet Texas Kiss:

“Now that I’m finally here, let’s get started.” Rodney opened a manila file folder holding notes and documents, and took the lid off the cardboard box. “Jack was so proud of you boys, and he wanted you to know that. Ordinarily, I would simply notify the heirs and send them the paperwork, but your father asked me to personally make sure that you receive the things he left for you and make sure you are all clear about the inheritance. Gavin, he wanted you to clear out his safe-deposit box.”

Gavin leaned forward and took the envelope the attorney offered, opening it to find a small safe-deposit box key and some paperwork. “Sure, no problem.”

Rodney looked into the cardboard box and pulled out a larger, decorative key. “Gage, this one is for you.”

Gage took the key and turned over the attached white note card. Son, the key to everything is happiness.

“Happiness and twenty-five percent of Guac Olé, I guess,” Rodney said with a soft laugh. “He signed over one-quarter of the company to you, which I believe you were expecting.”

“And the land, right?” Gage closed his fist around the key.

Rodney scanned the documents on his desk, his brow furrowed. “No, no land. If you’re referring to the property at 12332 Pine Ramble Drive, that now belongs to a Miss Charlotte Wilkinson.”

“Charlotte Wilkinson? Why the hell would he give my land to her?” Gage sounded more perplexed than angry, and Gavin searched his memory for any other Charlottes his dad might have known. The only one he knew of was a horrible environmental scientist who had been making his brother’s life miserable, butting heads with him on several of his oil company’s drilling sites. Gage had been promised the land for as long as he could remember—the land and the oil there played a major role in his brother’s future plans. His father changing course at the last moment, without telling any of them, made no sense.

“And this one is for you.” Rodney handed Grayson a small, enameled strawberry charm attached to a white note card that matched Gage’s.

Son, what’s sweeter than success?” Grayson read aloud. He turned the little strawberry over in his palm. “And half of Guac Olé, right? I know there’s got to be paperwork involved. I set aside this time today so I could handle everything.”

Rodney stared at the papers in front of him as though he wished he could hide under them. “That’s it. I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean, ‘that’s it’? Dad promised me half of Guac Olé. Gage and Gavin are going to sell me their shares, and then I’ll own the company I’ve poured my whole life into. Look again, Rodney.” Grayson sounded panicked, and Gavin didn’t blame him. His entire future was riding on the assumption that he’d inherit the company; there was no plan B.

Rodney pushed his glasses up his nose and sniffed. “Mr. Cooper left the half of Guac Olé not willed to Gage and Gavin to Rebecca Nash.” His words were almost a whisper.

“The only Rebecca Nash I know is a floor supervisor in the factory… There’s no way he would leave her half the damn company. Is this some kind of horrible joke?” Grayson balled his fists, looking like he wanted to leap across the desk and take his frustration out on their mild-mannered attorney.

“I’m not sure if it makes any difference, but he did stipulate that you retain your position as CEO if you so desire. Regardless of who actually owns the company, you are still essentially in charge. He knew how much the company means to you, and he firmly believed in your ability to lead the company going forward.” Rodney chanced a smile, probably hoping to diffuse the anger in the office with this small piece of good news.

“Are you serious? No, it doesn’t make any difference. This is not what we discussed, and it’s not what we were promised. I don’t want to be CEO of a company someone else owns. You can’t honestly tell me that you didn’t know that we’d have a problem with these changes. You know what used to be in the will, and you didn’t think to ask him why he suddenly wanted to change everything? What exactly is going on here, Rodney?”

“I am sorry. I know that this is an unpleasant surprise, and I will admit that it did seem odd at the time. However, your father didn’t explain his reasons to me, and he was well within his rights to do as he pleased without my input. He simply asked me to carry out his wishes.” Rodney slid a pair of reading glasses across his desk to Gavin.

It took everything he had to resist crushing them in his hand as he grabbed them and read the attached card, unable to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

Son, look to the past to see your future. Dad didn’t even wear glasses. What the hell does this mean?”

He had a sinking feeling that he would soon find out that the house his father promised him now belonged to some random woman. There was no way he would be the only one lucky enough to get what he was expecting.