Sweet Texas Charm

Release date: April 18, 2016
Robyn Neeley Western Romance Novel Sweet Texas CharmSmall town. Big secrets. Welcome to Sweet Ridge.

Grayson Cooper is livid when he learns his father left him a keychain with a strawberry charm rather than ownership of the successful Guac Olé company. He’s been groomed for this position since he escaped the factory floor as a teen and joined Jack in the corporate offices. But what good is the CEO title without the stock shares?

College dropout Becca Nash is dumbfounded to learn that she now owns fifty percent voting stock in the company where she’s just a line supervisor. The pay bump will help her take care of her mother’s nursing home care, but the corporate halls intimidate her—and who wants to hobnob with those snobs anyhow?

Stymied at every turn by her attitude, Grayson goes undercover boss to find out how he can steal back those shares, but surprisingly loses his heart to Becca instead. What he does discover is a secret that could blow apart not only Becca’s world but his whole family. With so much hanging in the balance, Grayson must decide whether it’s better to follow his BUY NOWhead or his heart.

by Robyn Neeley

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Robyn Neeley is an East Coaster who loves to explore new places, watches way more reality TV than she cares to admit, can’t live without Dunkin Donuts coffee, and has never met a cookie she didn’t like. If you have a must-read romance suggestion or a fabulous cookie recipe, she wants to know.
You can find Robyn at www.robynneeley.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter @RobynNeeley.


An excerpt from Sweet Texas Charm:

Guac Olé CEO Grayson Cooper stepped into the Silver Spurs—a man on a mission.

He scanned the crowded country-and-western watering hole, more than ready to zero in on his target and take aim.

Unfortunately, Becca Nash hadn’t arrived.

Scott, the bartender and his former classmate in high school, greeted him with a finger pointed up. “Hey, pretty boy, you know what we do with ties in here.” He nodded to the ceiling at all the colorful, mutilated neckties decorating the joint.

“Thanks for the warning.” Grayson selected an empty two-top table and sat down. There was no way his Armani silk one was going to become a ceiling ornament. He loosened it and looked around.

He’d chosen the Silver Spurs for drinks with his Guac Olé line supervisor–turned–majority shareholder thanks to his late father willing away fifty percent of the company shares to her, because the popular Sweet Ridge honky-tonk might be more her simple, country girl speed. A place she’d feel comfortable in to kick up her cowboy boots. Not that he had any clue where she hung out, or had asked where she might like to meet for drinks.

That would have involved having a conversation, and he preferred sending a note via his assistant, Eleanor.

Although he’d been taken aback when she returned with the news Becca would meet him, but not at seven o’clock like he’d suggested.

And now it was ten past eight. Grayson scanned the crowded bar. His brothers, Gavin and Gage, always teased him that he never quite fit in to small-town Sweet Ridge life, and they were probably right. He certainly didn’t frequent stereotypical Texas bars other than the Silver Spurs from time to time with his brothers, but he loved his Dallas Cowboys, and watching games here was his routine during football season. So what if he wore a suit—sans tie—while doing it.

Fixing his gaze on a menu, he went over his plan again. Once Becca arrived, he’d compliment her on her outfit, because from his experience, all women liked it when a man noticed what they were wearing.

He’d then engage in chitchat about the factory. Get her talking until she let her hair down. Once she loosened up, he’d offer to buy her out. Sure, he’d take a hit from his trust fund, but he’d eventually recoup the money. He pulled out of his suit jacket his monogrammed note card with the price he’d offer that he intentionally lowballed. He doubted she’d realize it. It was probably more money than she could ever imagine.

Confident, he set the card to the side. There was no way she’d say no.