Sugar and Spice: 3 Contemporary Romances

Release date: July 27, 2015
Sugar and SpiceOpposites attract, and these three romances between some of the most unlikely couples imaginable are sure to make you smile.

Sadie’s Story: When Type-A businessman Jordan Blaise walks into Sadie Rose Perkins’s bookstore, she’s hoping to sell a book, but she’s ready for anything—except posing as his wife-to-be to convince his dying mother he’s found his happily ever after.

Enlisted by Love: Ex-army officer Matthew Blake is eager to start a new career, until he comes up against the most challenging obstacle he’s ever encountered: Greta Ferguson, the interior designer who challenges his every order.

The Matchmaker Meets Her Match: Matchmaker Rilka Árpád’s new client, war veteran Jeremy Ford, ends up being everything she dislikes about her career: he just wants a bed BUY NOWpartner. Is he being honest, or is his request a way to hide behind emotions only she can help him work through?

by Jenny Jacobs

Contemporary bundle
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Author Bio:
Jenny Jacobs, a writer living in the Midwest, is still kissing frogs but likes to write about people finding their happily ever after—even if they have to go through some difficulties to get there.