Paradise Point

Release date: 21 April 2014
Paradise PointLiv Barnette needs coffee, she needs food … hell, she needs a new life. Inheriting fifty percent ownership in Paradise Point marina is the break she’ll embrace with open arms. The sexy downside? Adam Lark.

Taking over his grandma’s marina, along with a determined blonde, isn’t the future Adam had planned. As team leader at Wingfield Intelligence Group, he’s content. Fulfilled? He wouldn’t go that far. When his latest assignment crosses with Liv’s life, leaving her in danger, it’s anyone’s game. And Adam plays for keeps. Will the reason they found each other be the reason one dies?

by Dana Volney

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Dana Volney lets her imagination roam free in Wyoming, where she writeBUY NOWs romances and helps lo
cal businesses succeed with her marketing consulting company. Surrounding herself with good friends, family, and boating on the lake whenever she can, she thrives on moments and memories created with loved ones, especially on sun-filled days. That’s when Wyoming’s charm really sinks in. Dana is bold, adventurous, and—by her own admission—good with plants, having kept a coral cactus alive for more than one year.


An excerpt from Paradise Point:

Who the hell is on Vam’s boat? Anger replaced her initial surge of panic. Liv tightened her robe belt, slipped on yellow flip-flops, and ripped open her cabin door.

She loudly shut her door and stomped off her boat onto the dock, her mood not lending kindly to this prick breaking into her friend’s home. Maybe they’d hear her coming and run. She hoped so because she had no plan if they didn’t.

As she got closer she saw a tall body in a hooded sweatshirt at Vam’s door, trying to coax it open.

“Excuse me!” Liv put her hands to her mouth to amplify her shout before she had time to think of the consequences. The man stopped and only turned his neck to glance behind him. Even through the dark of night, with one small post for lighting, she saw his perfect, white teeth in a smile adorning his face. Chills, despite the warm night air, ran up her spine.

“What can I help you with? You lost?” His sarcasm was laid on thick.

The stranger’s deep, milky voice wrapped around her midsection and didn’t let go. She blinked, forgetting why she stood scantily clad outside for a second. “That isn’t yours.” Her hands emphasized her words. “What are you doing? You need to leave.”

“How do you know I don’t live here?”

His cool temperament fueled her rage further.

“Because I do. Who the hell are you? I know the person who owns that home and you are not that person.”

She glanced sideways at her boat. I wish I’d at least grabbed my cell phone.

“I don’t recall meeting you.” His eyes moved over her body. “And I usually remember blondes.” He stepped forward and Liv could tell from the shadowy light cast over his face that his was a handsome face: a pretty-boy chiseled face, complete with plump, pronounced cheekbones. He scraped the hood off his head with one hand, revealing dark, thick, short, spiky hair.

“I am sure we’ve never met.” Liv resumed her tightly folded arms. “The woman who owns this boat passed away. She was a dear friend and you are being an absolute dick right now trying to break into her home. I will ask you one more time to leave or I’m calling the cops.” She set her eyes on him and forcefully refused to break contact.

He watched her. He studied her face and she examined his. Seconds went by, turning into endless minutes. Who the hell was this brazen asshole?