No Secrets in Spandex

Sexy bike racer Jacob Hunter is turning heads on the international cycling circuit… in more ways then one. Rumor has it the handsome daredevil owes his success to more than just muscle and willpower. Allegations of drug use have followed Jacob back to his home state of Colorado, where the stakes are higher than ever as he gears up for the biggest race of his career.

Jacob knows he needs to stay focused on his training, but some hometown secrets are impossible to outpace, no matter how fast you go. When redheaded reporter Ariel Hays arrives on the scene to profile Jacob, he tries to keep the curvaceous beauty at arm’s length.

For a man with something to hide, a reporter is the last person to be trusted. But Ariel is ready to do anything to get her story… and Jacob finds he can’t resist getting personal. The heat between them could melt the snow off the Rockies, but both Ariel and Jacob realize they’re making an avalanche that threatens everything in its path. Because Ariel also has a secret. And it’s hard to keep secrets when passion leaves you totally exposed….

by Toni Jones
Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Author Bio:
Toni Jones grew up in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado, and she continues to appreciate the special beauty and unique lifestyle of the Western U.S. Her passion for the outdoors and her love of romance go hand-in-hand. She hopes her work will inspire all her readers to get outside and fall in love under the open sky!