Minding Jackson

Minding JacksonJane Quinn is proud of the florist business that she’s worked hard to build in the quaint English village of Hartsbury. But when her world is rocked by tragedy, Jane finds herself seemingly without a friend, or even a home. Worse, an estranged parent who lives an ocean away suddenly lays claim to Jackson, a little boy that Jane loves as her own.

Bewildered and running out of options, Jane discovers that the man that she had least expected to capture her heart becomes the one who will help her weather the storm, and lead her back home.

by Michele Deppe

Sensuality Level: Behind closed doors

Author Bio:
Michele Deppe is an award-winning writer. She and her artist BUY NOWhusband, Tod, live in a small rural village close to Seattle, Washington. Minding Jackson is her first novel.