Letting Love Win

Rand Monroe has found a way around his grandfather’s will. To retain ownership of Roe Technology, he needs an heir, not a wife. So Rand hires a surrogate to have his child. Things are looking good until the surrogate changes her mind at the last minute.

Kiley Adams is getting a pap smear, but when the lights go out, she gets a whole lot more. Now the innocent is faced with being pregnant before ever making love to a man.

Things might not be so bad if she hadn’t started falling in love with him the first moment she hit him in the head with a door at the doctor’s office. It also might be easier if someone wasn’t out to kill her.

By Alysia S. Knight

Sensuality Level: Behind closed doors

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Author Bio:
Alysia S. Knight is not out to change the world, she just hopes to make someone’s day a little better. She writes the hero and happily-ever-after stories because we all can use more love and adventure in our lives.