An Inconvenient Desire

Release date: October 13, 2014
An Inconvenient DesireInvestment banker Jonathan Davis has spent the last ten months renovating his Italian villa and getting over a nasty divorce from his supermodel wife. As a favor to a friend, he escorts Olivia Chapman to a medieval festival and can’t help but fall for the gorgeous woman. When he discovers she’s a model, however, his innate sense of risk analysis tells him to bail. Then his ex-wife abandons his previously unknown daughter at his door, and it’s Olivia who steps in to help. But does Jonathan dare capitalize on his desire and venture his heart again?

Olivia Chapman has hidden her ugly childhood scars under the glamour of her modeling career. She thinks her pretty face is her only asset, until she discovers a talent for motherhood when a frightened toddler literally arrives on the doorstep. Olivia can’t bear to see another child go unloved. But caring for Hannah means staying with Jonathan, a man she finds almost impossible to resist.

When a big surprise leaves both Olivia and Jonathan reeling, their mutual attraction could end up destroying their futures … or healing the past once and for all.BUY NOW

by Alexia Adams

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Alexia Adams, a former world wanderer, now indulges her love of travel by vicariously visiting diverse settings with her contemporary romance characters.

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An excerpt from An Inconvenient Desire:

Jonathan stared at the blinking light on his old-school answering machine. A chill swept through him despite the record-setting heat wave that currently engulfed Northern Italy. He pressed play.

“Jono, mate. When you coming back to work? Profits are down. We need you, man.”

He jabbed the stop button with his middle finger, cutting off his colleague’s message. He didn’t want to think about going back to his career. There were almost two months left of his sabbatical before he had to return to London and the mess he’d made of his life there. Until then, he was going to enjoy his freedom and finish the renovations on his house. The newly installed swimming pool beckoned in the sweltering heat.

The workers, who were helping him find the back garden after forty years of neglect, had gone for a riposo, the Italian version of a siesta. No one else was around. So he stripped off his clothes, ran out onto the terrace, and dove in. The frigid water knocked the breath from his body and he surfaced, gasping for air. Naked and dead of shock wasn’t the way he wanted his body to be found. He was about to haul his frozen arse out of the water when the click of heels on the side patio told him he was no longer alone.

“Jonathan, you there?” his friend Sophia’s familiar voice called out.

“Um, yeah,” he replied. “But … ”

Before he could ask her to wait a minute while he retrieved his clothes, Sophia and another woman rounded the corner.

“You’ve got quite a bit done,” Sophia commented, surveying the bones of the kitchen garden that had been reclaimed from the vines that morning. “We stopped by to … ” She finally looked at him and her face flamed red. Belatedly, she put her hands over her eyes.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s gorgeous companion stared at him, a smile lighting her face. She put her hands on her face, too, imitating Sophia, although she left a large gap between her fingers to see through. He couldn’t help laughing at her boldness.

“If you ladies would wait a moment, I’ll put some clothes on.”

“Yes, of course. Do you want us to wait out front?”

“No need. I’ll only be a second.”

Sophia turned around and then nudged her friend. “Olivia,” she whispered as the other woman continued to stare. He locked gazes with her and a challenge rose between them. Would she turn around or wait for the full monty?

Slowly Olivia turned her back to him and Jonathan pulled himself out of the pool. Any longer in the icy water and there wouldn’t’ve been much left to see. As he strode toward the house, he heard Sophia chastising her friend.

“Hey, you may be married. I’m not,” Olivia replied. “Besides, he’s not the first naked man I’ve seen. Although he does rank up there in the top ten.”

Jonathan bit his tongue and stopped himself from parading back outside now that he’d warmed up a bit. He wanted to up his ranking to at least the top five spot.

Instead, he pulled his clothes back on as he checked out the profile of the unknown woman through the kitchen window.

Sophia’s friend was tall, with great creamed-coffee-colored legs showcased in a short, black skirt and red high heels. Her dark, curly hair was piled on top of her head, with a few tendrils breaking free in spiral abandon. She had magnificent breasts and full lips and certainly ranked in the top three most beautiful women he’d ever seen—clothes on or off. As he continued to stare, she turned and caught him. Her lips curved upwards in a smile of acknowledgment.