Holiday Wedding

Release date: December 8, 2014
Holiday WeddingGoing home for Christmas this winter just might turn Drew Cannon into a real Grinch. When his college sweetheart, Lauren Kincaid, broke off their engagement a year ago, Drew retreated to Tokyo to run the Asia-Pacific division of the family’s toy company and lick his wounds. If that weren’t enough, his attempt at a high-profile holiday doll for the company was a bust. Now he’s headed back to New York City to spend the holidays with his lovestruck dad, his pissed-off twin brother, and the ex who broke his heart.

Lauren isn’t exactly keen to spend Christmas with her former flame, either. But as JDL Toys’s marketing director, she’s forced to deal with their doll problem, holiday or not. Things take a turn for the worse when she and Drew are tasked with planning surprise nuptials for his brother.

With all their focus on happily ever after, Lauren and Drew soon discover things might not be so settled between them after all. Can a holiday wedding offer them a second chance at forever?

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Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Author Bio:
Robyn Neeley is an East Coaster who loves to explore new places, watches way more reality TV than she cares to admit, can’t live without Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and has never met a chocolate chip cookie she didn’t like. She writes romantic comedy, sometimes with a hint of magic but always with a heartwarming ending.

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An excerpt from Holiday Wedding:

The butterflies in Lauren’s stomach had started to multiply. In less than an hour, Drew would be sitting next to her on their way back into the city. Would he be excited to see her? Maybe she could suggest they grab a drink after they stopped by the church. There was so much to catch up on.

Did Drew miss her as much as she’d missed him? That had been her hope initially—that after a year in Tokyo he would finally realize all that he’d lost, and when they did get back together, their love would be even stronger.

There was just one problem. Drew seemed to adjust to his new life without her just fine. They rarely spoke other than the weekly senior team conference calls, and even then he was always professional and never asked her any questions beyond business.

Whether he addressed her during their video conference calls or not, her heart always beat a little faster when she saw his handsome face on the flat screen. She wasn’t sure how she’d do it, but she was finally ready to admit to Drew how much she missed him.

Arriving at JFK, she headed for short-term parking and found an empty space. It only took a minute to kick off the pointy shoes and put on her knee-high black boots that thankfully she’d left in the back seat the night before when she hadn’t bothered to change out of her gym shoes. Her long tan coat would hide the rest of her hideous costume. Although, if she did get up the courage and ask Drew to have a drink with her later tonight, she’d need to stop by her apartment and change.

She raced across the parking garage straight to baggage claim, dodging holiday travelers in every direction.

Suddenly her heart stopped. There he was. As handsome as ever in a black peacoat and red plaid scarf. He had a nice tan on his perfectly chiseled face. His blond hair was spiked up.

She stood still for another second, as the butterflies continued to swarm.

Really, Lauren. It’s not like you don’t see his mirror image every flippin’ day. Get a grip.

Easier said than done. She took a deep breath and headed toward her heart. It was time to welcome it back.

“Hi, stranger.” She reached up and tapped his shoulder.

He turned, a big smile on his face. “Lauren.” His familiar strong arms wrapped her in a warm hug while his delicious spicy cologne tickled her nose. “What are you doing here? I thought Luke was picking me up.”

“Change of plans. He had to meet Kate and your dad at the church.” She glanced down at the suitcases next to him. Two of the three were a lovely shade of lavender. Not quite the luggage color she would have expected him to have. Maybe it was a Tokyo thing?

“I’m just getting our bags.” He pointed to the carousel.

“Our bags?”

“Drew, I can’t reach Luke …” Olivia came up beside Drew. Lauren was pretty sure the surprise on Olivia’s face was nowhere near the one on her own. “Lauren, what are you doing here?”

What is Luke’s conniving ex-girlfriend doing here? Lauren fought to spit out the words jammed in her throat. “I … um … came to pick up Drew … for … um … Luke.” She squared her shoulders and forced a wide smile. “Luke had to meet Kate and their parents at the church. I’m your chauffeur.”

“It’s good to see you. Isn’t it, Drew?” Olivia’s smile had a hint of smugness.

“Yeah, really good,” Drew agreed, pointing to Lauren’s head. “Your hair is so long.”

Lauren touched her locks. She’d grown it out since the last time he’d seen her in person and mostly wore it back for their team video conference calls. “Shall we?”

She walked slightly ahead, pretending to check her phone. Why had Olivia joined him? Surely he didn’t need his assistant for this trip. As far as Lauren knew, he was only planning on staying through Christmas.