Hearts are Wild: 4 Romances for Your Valentine

Release date: February 12, 2018
Hearts are WildBetter than chocolates and flowers—let these heart-thumping romances fill your Valentine’s Day cravings for sexy, satisfying endings.

A Heart to Heal: Ignoring rumors, disapproval from family and friends, and promises to avoid each other, Shayla Monroe returns home and becomes friends again—then lovers—with her ex. But Devin wants all or nothing. Can Shayla risk damaging what’s left of her reputation?

Five of Hearts: As lead singer for the boy band Five of Hearts, Dean learned that women only want him for his money and fame. So he has good reason for hiding his famous past from his neighbor, Shannon, and everyone else in Scallop Shores. But the closer he gets to Shannon and her children, the more he realizes he may have made a big mistake.

Heal My Heart: Dr. Tag Howard wants nothing to do with the Kemmons brothers and their fame on the diamond. He’s made his own way as an MLB team doctor and is determined to steer clear of the family that abandoned him…until female pro quarterback MJ Rooney crashes into his life with a concussion and a fresh perspective.

Protecting His Heart: When a mission goes sideways and leaves seasoned spy Arabella Nox with valuable information and a terrorist on her heels, she seeks out the one person on earth she hopes won’t betray her: the husband she hasn’t spoken to in years. Felix Ibarra thought he’d put his past behind him, but when Arabella lands a job beside him at Wyn Security, she’s clearly up to something he can’t trust. Will the deep emotions that tore them apart the first time be their undoing once again?

by Synithia Williams, Jennifer DeCuir, Elley Arden, and Dana Volney

Contemporary bundle
Sensuality Level: Sensual