Heart of Design

Release date: July 7, 2014
Heart of DesignSophie Hartland has recently turned 30, and is five years out from a confidence-crushing divorce. She’s sworn off men in favor of making her interior design business a success when her best friend introduces her to LA Heat’s hot, new star, Ian O’Connor. He’s one of Hollywood’s beautiful people, with an Irish accent that makes Sophie’s toes curl. Ian hires her to renovate his home, and at their second meeting he initiates a scorching kiss that knocks her socks off. Even though she would love to drop down and go for it on the funky kitchen floor, Sophie sticks to her guns and enforces her “no dating clients” rule.

The tabloids portray flirtations Ian as Hollywood’s latest playboy who has women falling at his feet, and Sophie refuses to be another notch on his bedpost. But Ian isn’t the type to take no for an answer, and he finds Sophie a refreshing change from the actress wannabes trying hop aboard his new gravy train of success. Using his charm, he tries to persuade Sophie to break the rules.

Can Sophie ignore her traitorous libido and hold Ian off for the next five or six weBUY NOWeks until the renovations are finished? Or will she cave in to his pull on her heartstrings, and end up doing the knicky-knacky on the new velvet sofa? More importantly, can she protect her heart in this game of wills?

by Ellen Butler

“Ellen Butler crafts a story of feminine friendship, a workaholic woman, and the power of passion that surprises both the heroine and hero. A romance not to be missed.” — Vonnie Davis, author of The Highlanders’ Beloved Trilogy

“When a hard-working interior designer meets the sexy Irish heartthrob of LA’s hottest new TV show, more than simple color schemes spark between them in the bedroom. Sophie and Ian leapt off the page and into my heart! Ellen Butler has just shot to the top of my all-time favorite romance authors!” — AJ Nuest, author of The Golden Key Chronicles

” Ellen Butler has hit the ball out of the park with her sexy and amazingly fresh new book, Heart of Design!” — Dixie Brown, author of All or Nothing

“I loved Ms. Butler’s novella Second Chance Christmas. In Heart of Design she, once again, does not disappoint!” Sharon Struth, award-winning author of The Hourglass

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Ellen Butler in 140 characters or less: author, mother, wife, shoe lover, chocoholic, fashion fan, sarcastic wit, autumn enthusiast, dancer, book worm, and good-time devotee.

Find Ellen Butler at www.EllenButler.net, on Facebook, and on Twitter @EButlerBooks.


An excerpt from Heart of Design:

“Sophia Hartland, put that tray down and come with me right now!” Poppy hopped from one foot to another, her face agitated.

“But Hannah said they need more shrimp.” I tried to carry the heavy-laden tray past her.

“Oh, bother Hannah!” Poppy grabbed the tray out of my hands and shoved it into the hands of a passing waiter, hired for the night. ”

“Pedro, take these out to the main buffet table and replace the empty.”

The surprised Pedro nodded and headed back out into the throng of party guests.

“Here, put some of this on.” Poppy handed me a tube of lip gloss from her pocket. She reached behind my head, and, undoing the alligator clip, allowed the heavy, dark tresses to fall down my back. She ruffled the locks with her fingers.

“What are you doing?” I stood with an opened tube of gloss in my right hand and tried ineffectually to grab with my left the clip Poppy had removed from my hair and attached to her pants. “I need that! It gets too hot with my hair down.”

She grabbed me by the shoulders, and, with a hearty shake, got my full attention. “Sophie! Ian O’Connor wants to meet you!” Her hazel-green eyes bore into me.

“Okay. Who’s Ian O’Connor and why does he want to meet me?”

“What! Are you kidding? Do you live in hole? Ian O’Connor! You know, Eeeaann Oh-Coonnneerr.” She said it like I was deaf and could read her lips if she spoke nice and slow.

I shook my head, completely lost.

“He’s one of the hunks on the hottest new cop show this year, LA Heat. It was a mid-season replacement in the spring, and it’s been picked up for a full season this fall. He’s so smokin’ hot, women throw their bras at him. You know, he plays Ryder McKay.”

“Nope.” I shook my head. “Sorry. Not one of the shows I watch. Why does he want to meet me?”

“He said he liked the painting in the front hall and asked who did it. I was pseudo-stalking him, and thus in hearing distance, so I cozied up and explained all the credit went to you, my best friend and interior designer,” Poppy said in a rush. “And he said he’d like to meet you sometime. And I said, ‘well she’s here tonight’ and if he was serious I could introduce you two.” She bounced up and down like a rabbit and squealed, “And he said, ‘sure.’”

I rolled my eyes, always the cynic. “Poppy, he probably happened to mention it in passing, and then when you attacked, he was just being nice. This guy has likely made a beeline to another part of the house by now to get away from you, crazy stalker woman. We’ll be lucky if he didn’t already bolt from the party.”