Healing Beau

Release date: December 21, 2015
Healing BeauHandsome and accomplished Ranger SGT Beau Beauford knows that deep down he’s never been anything but a screw-up. He caused the deaths of his parents and sister, deceived his adoring brothers, and recklessly destroyed his career. With nothing left to lose, he retreats home to Beauford Bend … only to promptly impregnate his best and oldest friend.

Christian Hambrick, owner of Firefly Hall Plantation B&B, is made of guts, steel, and plain good sense, except for that lifelong torch she’s held for Beau. When he reached out to her, clearly in need, she gave him everything.

Now Beau insists on marriage, but he’s withholding his heart, insisting it’s not worth much anyway. However, Christian isn’t settling for second best—not for herself or Beau. If she has to take on the whole Beauford family and wage full-scale war on Beau’s past to prove him wrong, so be it.

Don’t miss this satisfying and emotional conclusion to the Beauford Bend series!

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Sensuality Level: Sensual

“A lovely small-town romance that flirts with several popular romance themes, while turning each just slightly on its head. The resolution of a hidden family tragedy brings the series to a poignant conclusion.”—Library Journal

Author Bio:
Alicia Hunter Pace is a writing team who live in North Alabama where they share a love of football and old houses while having a lot of fun writing romances together.

Find Alicia Hunter Pace at www.aliciahunterpace.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter @AliciaHPace.


An excerpt from Healing Beau:

If ever a Southern belle had been born who could ignore a ringing bell—whether it be door, phone, wedding, or ice cream truck—it wasn’t Christian Cauthen Hambrick. There were lots of good reasons to ignore that doorbell: It was after midnight. There were no vacant rooms at Firefly Hall, her ancestral plantation home turned B&B. She still needed to leave instructions for the breakfast cook about Mrs. Shelley’s peanut allergy and Mr. Cranston’s desire to start the day with a Bloody Mary and a ham sandwich. But the main reason Christian wanted to avoid the door was that seeing Beau Beauford tonight had put her heart through the wringer twenty-eight times—once for every year she’d loved him and he hadn’t loved her back—and she was in no mood for midnight visitors asking for rooms she couldn’t give them.

Yet, even as she enumerated these reasons for ignoring the ringing bell, she walked briskly toward the door, past the fine antiques, the family silver tea service, and the three Christmas trees decorated with ornaments collected by various Cauthens and Hambricks for the past hundred years. Maybe more.

Merry Christmas.

For so many reasons, among them that she had a reputation to maintain as an innkeeper, Christian did not have the luxury of being rude. So she forced a smile as she reached for the brass doorknob.

But when she opened the door, that smile died and her expression morphed into surprise. There was a time when finding him outside this door would have made hope pulse through her, but time had taught her not to hope.

James Mason Beauford, III. Beau didn’t have the talent of his oldest brother, country superstar Jackson, or the athletic ability of the twins—Gabe, the Tennessee Titans star wide receiver, or Rafe, the recently retired world championship bull rider. But he was the most beautiful and the smartest of all the Beauford brothers. Even they said so, and there were some big egos wrapped around those men. With Jackson’s dark hair and the twins’ Carolina blue eyes, it was almost as if the Beauford genes had finally gotten it together and saved the best combination for last.

“Christian.” He smiled that smile—the one that had been turning her inside out all her life— though she couldn’t imagine how he managed it, considering the fiasco the evening had been.

“Hello, Beau.” She looked over his shoulder to where one of the Around the Bend Elegant Events vans was parked. “Where’s that tricked out Porsche SUV Jackson bought you?”

He shook his head and gave out a half laugh as he stepped inside. He always stepped in the door without being asked, probably because he always knew he was welcome.

“You mean the symbolic fatted calf? It’s back at Beauford Bend.”

“You’re hardly the prodigal son.” The smile that bloomed on her face this time was real.