Games of the Heart

See, I’m usually the one who solves problems, being that I’m a minister and all. Yes, you heard it right. I might not look like one—i.e. rounded on all the right edges and a propensity to wearing clothes showing a smidge of cleavage. And it’s true if you’ve heard that I have Victoria’s Secret’s site as my homepage. Like it or not, that’s me, Pastor Jane Angieski. I’m fully licensed, fully educated, and fully confused most of the time.

Truth is that if I could have just resisted the lure of dark chocolate I’d have stayed happily ignorant about sex slaves, black-market babies, cheatin’ preachers, and an assortment of lowlifes that have intruded on my cluttered, fluttered, and frazzled life. And with that restraint, I would never have been rejected, arrested, and nearly exterminated. Or fallen in love. But wait, like always, I’m getting ahead of the story and how it all happened.

by Eva Shaw

BUY NOWSensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

“What a fun read! Eva Shaw blends strong characters with an insightful, contemporary Christian message weaving in this beguiling mystery/romance. Games of the Heart showcases her oh-so-readable style.” — Debbie Macomber, #1 NYT bestselling author

“Good fiction takes us to unexpected places. That’s what happened to me when I read Eva Shaw’s charming and poignant Games of the Heart. I laughed out loud, but there was a serious side to this mystery with a bit of romance. I recommend it.” — Anjali Banerjee, author of Haunting Jasmine and Enchanting Lily.

Author Bio:
Eva Shaw writes books where the protagonist seems like your BFF and you miss her like crazy when reaching the final page. As the author and ghostwriter of more than 70 published books, writing is her world, whether crafting a novel or fleshing out a nonfiction topic.