Games of Love: 9 Contemporary Romances for the Win

Release date: November 10, 2014Games of Love

Currently out of print

All’s fair in love – so check out these nine contemporary romances that play to win. With plenty of bets, wagers, and friendly competition, these heroes and heroines are ready to risk it all for their happy endings.

Best Laid Plans: Two journalists on very different career paths must determine if one enchanted evening is worth a lifetime of dreams.

Letting Love Win: A power outage turns Kiley’s life upside down—and leads to a very unexpected pregnancy! Can love with the handsome Rand change everything?

Games of the Heart: Spirited pastor Jane Angieski finds chaos and true love in this madcap yet touching romance.

Love’s Little Instruction Book: Afraid he’ll never get his sexy co-worker to notice him, Dave comes up with the perfect plan: he’ll read romance novels to teach him how to woo and win a woman.

Act of Love: Falling in love with her arrogant boss isn’t in the script for theatre actress Marigold. Will she lose her job or gain real love?

Power Play: The mercurial business of hockey has Lila and Cahal skating on thin ice—can they stick it out long enough to escape the penalty box?

Surge: Surfing, law school, and secrets create a fast-moving tidal wave of attraction for Lara and Marcus.

Cupid’s Revenge: Maggie’s life is a comedy routine of setbacks, until she teams up with Dave and learns that true love just might be worth a little chaos.

The Confession: Aimee is confident she’s found her birth mother—but will her announcement cost her Marcus’s love?

Sensuality Level: Sensual