Five of Hearts

Release date: 17 February 2014
Five of HeartsDean was looking for a quiet place to put down new roots and leave the craziness of his old celebrity life behind him. His new house, on a rocky bluff overlooking the Atlantic, seems ideal. The only other house on the road is a summer cottage and was sure to be empty except for a few weeks during the summer. Unfortunately for him, that summer rental next door came with a year-round caretaker. A gorgeous redheaded caretaker and her three mischievous heathens.

Shannon didn’t have any use for men. Her mother raised her alone and after her ex-husband deserted her upon learning they weren’t having one baby but three at once, she was doing the single mom routine with her own triplets. Sure it got lonely being out here on the bluff, away from the rest of Scallop Shores. So she may have been a tad excited to learn someone had bought the house next door. Until that someone moved in. Looking more delicious than any man had a right to, Shannon wanted to ignore him. But her new neighbor was hiding something, and she was intrigued.

BUY NOWYears ago, as lead singer for the boy band Five of Hearts, Dean learned that women only wanted him for his money and fame. Not for the person he was. So he has a good reason for hiding his alter-ego from his neighbor and everyone in Scallop Shores. Right? But the closer he gets to Shannon and her children, the more he realizes he may have made a mistake in keeping the truth from them. Because a relationship requires honesty and trust to make it work. Was it too late to stop hiding and start doing a little trusting of his own?

by Jennifer DeCuir

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Jennifer DeCuir is a busy writer mom who loves to write and hates to cook. She keeps the local pizza delivery place in business. Living in the soggy Pacific Northwest, she takes her coffee very seriously. Visit this Facebook addict at:, Facebook, or on Twitter @JenniferDeCuir.


An excerpt from Five of Hearts:

Cracking one eye open, Dean scanned the yard. There, over by the blueberry bushes, was a carrot-topped little pixie. He shook his head, opening his other eye, and looked again. This time the tiny child was over by the willow tree, crouched down and grinning. Dean rubbed his eyes and leaned out of the hammock for a better look. Wait. Now the little thief was right beside him—stealing his cookies! How could he be everywhere at once?

Dean reached out to grab him by the collar but forgot he was in the hammock and lost his balance. The miniature con artist screeched as Dean nearly fell on top of him. He took off, a cookie in each hand. Dean landed with a thud on the lawn.

“Hey, get back here with my cookies!” Dean tried to get up to run after the child but tripped over his own feet and landed face first in the turf, knocking his ball cap off his head.

“Problems?” A soft, feminine voice, thickly laced with humor, called from the edge of the lawn.

Dean stood, brushing his clothes off. He was starting to think chasing off paparazzi was preferable to chasing after … was it only a child? So much for peace and quiet.

“That kid made off with my cookies.” He scanned the perimeter of the yard, unable to locate the cookie thief.

“That team works fast. I imagine your cookies have been gobbled up by now.” He could actually hear the amused smile in her voice.

That team? There was more than one? Dean was starting to get a headache.

“How’d you all get into my yard anyway?” Rubbing his temples, he tried to work out how he’d thought there was one kid darting through his shrubs only to find there were more. How many more? This was confusing.

“There is a break in the hedge. I have a finely tuned radar when it comes to this bunch. I had a feeling they were up to no good.”

Frowning, Dean snatched up the empty plate. He turned, finally prepared to square off with this latest intruder. His words stuck to his tongue. His gaze was drawn to a pair of startlingly blue eyes. A light breeze picked up a strand of her long red hair, tossing it around playfully. Red hair and freckles. Suddenly, he was back in grade school remembering his first crush. Oh, he was a goner.

She smiled, shrugging her shoulders in apology. The twinkle in her eyes called the sincerity of the apology into question, yet somehow Dean didn’t mind.