Find Me

Release date: November 17, 2014
Find MeAmanda Gillespie never bargained on seeing Jackson Holstenar ever again. In law school, he was the sexy, rich guy every girl wanted—even her. But they never quite got past the friend zone, and their complicated relationship ended with her being “asked to leave” the law firm where they worked. Now she’s got a great legal career and has met the perfect guy…who unfortunately happens to be Jackson’s good buddy, Carter.

Jackson’s used to getting what he wants—and he’s always wanted Amanda. But he can’t betray his friend, no matter how crazy their chemistry. No, he needs to stay far away from Amanda. So why does he find himself offering to help her become his pal’s ideal girl?

With a little help from fate, these two confused hearts might just find a way back to each other for good.

by Shelley K. Wall

BUY NOWContemporary
Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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An excerpt from Find Me:

For Jackson Holstenar, the elevator was a fundamental part of life. It was how he traveled to the gym on the top floor of the building, to his friend Carter’s office, to his father’s office, to his own office. Though his berth could hardly be called an office. His choice. His father wanted him upstairs with the bigwigs, but Jackson preferred to pay his dues like all the other new staff.

He waited for the doors to open. Carter had wanted to talk about his new project before the weekend adventure seekers group. Ever since Jackson had accidently gotten Carter fired, he felt guilty and listened patiently to Carter’s work stories. The firing had been unintentional—Jackson had mouthed off at a project manager because he and their friend Roger wanted to set them up. She hadn’t liked the comments and blew a gasket before complaining to Carter’s management team. Carter had taken the heat because Jackson’s dad just ignored the complaint. Carter’s new job seemed to fit better, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Jackson’s phone signaled a text message from Carter. Let’s just talk after the group meeting. I’m already there.


The doors slipped open. He smelled oranges. That brought back memories. He glanced over at the tall blonde with her hair sleeked into a gold barrette. Was he hallucinating? It had been eighteen months since he’d seen Amanda Gillespie. He stuck an arm out as the doors started closing, then stepped into the elevator. No, it was her.

Could he really have missed her annoying perfume?


The woman in the peach twill suit stopped fumbling with her bag and popped her head up, her sea-blue eyes widening like portholes on a Caribbean cruise ship.

“Oh my God. Jackson! What are you doing here?”

His throat threatened to choke back his words and he swallowed. “I’m meeting a friend in a few minutes upstairs. What about you?”

Amanda slicked a hand over her hair. “Me too. Sort of. I’m a little late actually. Work. You know.”

Was that supposed to mean he knew how harried her new job was? He didn’t. Not anymore. Not since she’d quit working at his dad’s office and sneaked out without even saying goodbye.

He still felt the sting. “Work. Of course.”

Jackson focused on the lit elevator panel and the soft sounds as they moved higher. The seconds it took to rise to his floor seemed like hours. A thousand questions fogged his brain but he wouldn’t ask any of them. Nope. She’d run out without telling a soul because that was what she wanted. No explanation. No apology. And no indication of where she’d be in the future. She ran away. From their work relationship and their friendship. Hell—she’d fallen off the planet.

Jackson sure as hell wasn’t going to ask why. Not now. When the doors opened, he motioned for her to lead and followed her down the hall—to the same door he sought. Should he turn around and leave? Admittedly, seeing her brought mixed emotions—shitty and relieved ones. Did he really want to deal with that? He couldn’t abandon Carter. They’d been friends forever and hadn’t seen each other in a while.

“You’re going here too?” Amanda frowned. Apparently she wasn’t all that excited about seeing him either.