Fearless Love

Release date: June 16, 2014
Fearless LoveMadison Carmichael’s carefully controlled world has just spun off its axis. Not only has jet-setting playboy and investor Jake Colt landed his helicopter in the middle of the biggest photo shoot of her career, she is shocked to discover he purchased her parents’ financially troubled winery.

Madison refuses to let this interloper take what belongs to her family, no matter what passions he stirs in her heart. She’ll do anything to get him out of Serenity Creek and her family’s business, even if it means striking a deal that goes against every grain in her body with the arrogant man himself.

Jake has no interest in handling the Carmichael winery acquisition, but he has little choice considering the business agreement he made with his father. As with all of his father’s dealings, there are strings attached, and Jake is determined to cut them at all costs.

If he is going to spend time in the backwards town that reminds him too much of BUY NOWthe one that betrayed him all to turn some two bit winery around, he is going to do it on his own terms, which includes encouraging the feisty woman who has captured his attention to break out of her shell and live a little.

But when two opposing forces clash, sparks are bound to fly…

by Kate Kadence

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Author Bio:
Kate Kadence lives on the California Coast where she loves to write sweet romances and enjoy beautiful sunsets with her family. Find Kate at www.KateKadence.com.


An excerpt from Fearless Love:

The shot would have been perfect if not for the helicopter landing in the middle of it.

Madison let her camera hang around her neck and curled her hands into fists at her side. She hadn’t worked this hard for five years to stop now.

She stormed toward the grounded helicopter, its blades almost stopped now. The door opened and a tall, well-built man jumped down.

The odor of gas and engine warred with the wildflowers crushed under the landing gear. She walked straight up to his backside, determined to give him a large piece of her mind. Who did this guy think he was?

“Listen, pal.”

He turned around at the sound of her voice and her step faltered.

The man was gorgeous. Dark, almost black, hair tousled by the airstream of the slowing helicopter blades gave him a sexy, rugged appearance. Deep blue eyes roamed her body, starting at her toes and inching their way up to her thoroughly tangled hair.

She could feel the sweat sliding down her neck from the late summer heat. She cleared her throat, tucking her hair behind her ear as if that would calm her tousled locks. Setting her hands on her hips, she put all of her wrath into the glare she sent him. “Are you all right?”

The man raised his eyebrows. “Yes.”

“Then what makes you think you can just land anywhere you like? This is private property.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up in a half smile that set her heart racing. She couldn’t tell if anger or desire made her heart pound, but she hoped it was the former. The guy just blew her biggest career opportunity.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Jake Colt.”

He said the words as if she should recognize the name, but the only thing she noticed was the sidestep he took around her question.

“Madison Carmichael.” She shook his hand. He brushed his thumb ever so slightly over the back of her hand the instant before she broke off the handshake. “That’s my family’s winery, Oak Hills, over there and this is still their property. What makes you think you can land here for the fun of it? You just lost me my largest client. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get that chance with them?”

He cocked his head to the side, a puzzled expression on his face. “Sorry, but I’m not quite sure how my landing here lost you your client.”

She opened her mouth, but shut it again. She couldn’t answer him when she didn’t know herself how a bridezilla had blamed her for the helicopter incident. “That doesn’t matter, what matters is that you did.” That was a solid argument if she’d ever heard one. What happened to her composure?

He chuckled, actually chuckled. “Okay, well I apologize for the mishap. I’ll compensate you for whatever money you would have earned,” he paused, his eyes settling on the camera around her neck, “photographing them. I assume a check will suffice.”

Her mouth fell open. “Are you serious? Money doesn’t solve everything.”

His expression turned hard. “Neither do pride and stubbornness. I’m being more than fair considering I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Nothing wrong? You’ve done everything wrong and I don’t need your help.”