Fair Trade

Release date: December 7, 2015
Fair TradeWhen ambitious Olivia Parker is offered the prime position of assistant physician for the Las Vegas Sinners hockey team, she’s determined to prove she belongs there. But it’s lonely at the top. Her professional focus has lost her countless personal relationships, and now she’s ready for a fresh start. What she’s not ready for is her gorgeous new patient showing her everything she’s been missing. Could a shot at real love be worth risking her ethical code?

Grayson Gunn happily played his entire career for his hometown team, never having won hockey’s greatest prize. A surprise trade to the Sinners gives him one last chance at the Cup before he hangs up his skates, and nothing will stand in his way, not even the injuries that send him to the team’s pretty new doctor. A little flirtation now that he’s on his way out of the NHL can’t hurt though…right? But when he gets a second chance to keep playing, Grayson is torn between the game he’s lived for and the woman he can’t seem to live without.

by Katie Kenyhercz

BUY NOWContemporary
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Katie married the military man of her dreams, so home is wherever the Air Force sends them. She likes capable heroines who bring out the vulnerability in their tough guys.

Find Katie at http://www.katiekenyhercz.com/, on Facebook, and on Twitter @katiekenyhercz.


An excerpt from Fair Trade:

It didn’t make sense to be nervous. How many arenas had he been in over the last twenty-seven years? Still, only one had been home, so this was weird. Grayson Gunn pushed through the double doors to the Las Vegas Sinners locker room and was met by twenty-three stares including Nealy Windham’s, his new coach. She was the only female coach in the NHL, and that might give some players pause. Players who’d been living in a hole and had never met the woman. Her style was just as brash if not more so than that of her male counterparts. It’d been intimidating from the visitor’s bench with a pane of glass between them. Face-to-face, it was kind of terrifying even though he had a foot and a half on her.

She smiled, though it wasn’t entirely reassuring, and gestured him forward. “Come on in, and welcome to the Sinners. We’re happy to have you and are excited about the depth you’ll add to our team. I’ll be switching you up between center and winger as needed. Your stall’s next to Cole’s. You’ll all have time for girl talk later. Right now, we need to hit the ice and work you into our system. It’ll take some adjusting. You’ve got twelve hours. Suit up, and I’ll see you out there.”

Grayson lifted his brows and glanced around. No one seemed surprised by the high expectations. Then again, this team had some of the best players in the world and was primed for a deep playoff run, even another ring. That’s why he’d chosen them. He took the empty spot by Dylan Cole—they’d met a handful of times, and he’d always been a solid guy. Grayson nodded and extended a hand. “Hey man, good to see you.”

“Likewise.” The kid shook and grinned. At twenty-five, Cole, the captain, had won two Cups with the Sinners. “I’m glad you’re here. It’s gonna be a wild ride.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” Grayson pulled on his pads, socks, shorts, and jersey. Leaving Edmonton had been hard. Born and raised in that city, he’d played his whole career there. And even though they’d never gotten close to a Cup, it was a great hockey community. He loved them, and they loved him. And now he was abandoning them at the end. It was too much to process, so he didn’t. Moving forward was the only option. He wasn’t in Las Vegas to make friends, but getting some advice could help the transition. As he strapped on his helmet and slid on his gloves, he glanced back at Cole. “Any tips?”

“Don’t make her mad.” The kid was completely straight-faced.

Grayson smiled.

Cole didn’t.

The smile dropped away, and Grayson nodded. All right then.

They all finished getting ready about the same time, and as he fell into line on the march toward the rink, the guys around him patted his shoulder or back in greeting, and he nodded but kept to himself. As long as he’d been in the game, there were very few players he didn’t know. That made being here a little easier, but he still wasn’t looking to bond.