Company Ink

Release date: July 20, 2015
Company InkAfter heartbreak threw her years off track, Violet Young is finally making her dreams come true. She’s just landed a sweet position with Wynne’s Kitchen, New York City’s world-renowned bakery at Rockefeller Center.

Ben Preston rose to greatness as a general manager at one of the finest dining establishments in the Big Apple only to fall from grace when life dealt him a rough hand and his wife left him. A phone call from the hiring manager at Wynne’s Kitchen is the catalyst he needs to start over.

Sparks fly when Violet is asked to train her new boss, who stands between her and the next promotion she needs. Worse still, she and Ben must fight not to fall in love … because there’s a fine line between a delicious affair and dipping your pen in the company ink. Will Ben and Violet turn up the heat or do their careers take the cake?

by Samantha Anne

BUY NOWContemporary
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Author Bio:
Samantha Anne is a writer/musician born and raised in New York. She is a punk, a friend, a sister, and, at her core, a hopeless romantic. Her specialties include romance, punk bass, and a penchant for lady jokes, tomfoolery, and naughty bits. Find Samantha Anne at, on Facebook, and on Twitter @SamiAnneRT.


An excerpt from Company Ink:

“So are you saying I have the job?”

Wynne stopped and turned around. “You came highly recommended. Everyone we called had nothing but amazing things to say about you. I want you with Wynne’s Kitchen. And I’m prepared to meet your salary requirements and exceed them when you prove that your incredible reputation is not unwarranted.”

Ben chuckled. “This is all very intense.”

Wynne shrugged with a grin. “I know what I want.”

“I see that,” Ben replied. “I’m happy to come on board and, frankly, thankful that you’ve put so much faith in me.”

“It’s my pleasure,” Wynne said. “I recently hired a production supervisor in your same position. She lacked experience but has all of the skills I’m looking for to do great. And so do you. We’re a great team, and I know you’ll get the support you need to excel, just like she did. So, do I need to give you a tour of the prep area?”

“Actually, it’s pretty compact. I’m guessing I could point out the sections without doing much more than a spin: prep, dry storage, walk-in, paper goods.”

Wynne laughed. “Exactly. Let’s show you around upstairs, and we’ll get your paperwork started.”

They breezed back through the prep area, where he couldn’t help but notice the amazing smell of caramel as a cook whisked vigorously in a metal saucepan. Ben led the way up the stairs, gradually becoming more excited about the new job with every step he took. He turned the corner to the hallway that led to the main floor and was suddenly met with a pair of eyes that looked like two pools of silvery silk. He stopped short, his sneakers squeaking as he did so. Ben’s vision focused on an unknown woman staring back at him, looking about as surprised as he did that they’d managed to avoid colliding. She was tall, and her jet-black hair was bundled up in a hair net. She clutched her clipboard and continued to stare at him fixedly, her eyes wide. His eyes involuntarily scanned her body. Built like the sexiest of female superheroes, her solid body curved more dangerously than a winding road. He forced his eyes to focus on her forehead. So unprofessional.

Wynne stepped around Ben, breaking the trance between him and the girl. “Oh, good—just in time! This young lady is your production supervisor. You’ll be working closely together; she handles all of the production and makes sure you don’t waste money on unused product. She’ll be your greatest asset while you’re getting to know this store. Ben, meet Violet.”

He took a deep breath as he nodded in greeting, knowing full well that with Violet in his store, he was in for a challenge bigger than he ever could have anticipated.