California Sunset

Divorced mother Annie Gerhard meets rugged new bookstore owner John Johnson at the worst possible time in her life. Her high tech company is threatening to lay her off if she doesn’t move from California to New Jersey and her 15-year-old son David is causing trouble. The recession has hit Silicon Valley hard and there are no jobs for a middle manager, even if she hates what she does. And this is no time for romance, no matter how good the man looks in his jeans.

John has escaped Montana memories of a deceased wife and betraying girlfriend by buying an independent bookstore in California. He’s got bigger problems than falling for a spunky woman with control issues. Keeping a bookstore afloat in a recession and finding a home where he can stable his horse are all he can handle right now.


John and Annie must both face their pasts in order to greet the future. Can they risk it?

By Casey Dawes

“Down to earth and deeply moving, California Sunset is a unforgettable book that reinforces the idea that one must break free from the fear to follow their heart.” –Danica Winters, author of Curse of the Wolf

“Be prepared to laugh, to cry and to cheer as 35-year-old Annie Renquist struggles to make sense of a life suddenly turned upside down by job loss and – is she kidding herself? – new-found love. Author Casey Dawes brings her trademark wit and compassion to this deft portrayal of a woman and mom who struggles to get out of her own way.” — Clare Wood, author of The Beast of Regent Street

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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Author Bio:
Casey Dawes writes and quilts on the Clark Fork River in Missoula where she spends far too much time watching wildlife from her “woman cave.” She shares her peaceful abode with a husband she adores and two cats who think they own the joint.