Begin Again

Release date: 5 August 2013
Begin AgainWhat if one night changed your life forever?

Maisie Scott lost not only her husband and unborn child in a tornado two years ago, she lost her will to live. Keeping busy is the only way she can get by. This small town waitress won’t let herself get attached to anyone … until Ryan, the new veterinarian for exotic animals, starts making regular trips to her diner. As hard as she tries not to feel anything, Ryan ignites a spark in her broken heart.

Ryan Tucker craves a happy family of his own more than his Momma’s apple pie. Getting over his fiancée leaving him six months ago, he moves to Pleasant Valley for a fresh start. When he meets Maisie and notices the sadness in her eyes, he is determined to put a smile on her pretty face.

When another dangerous storm hits, Ryan stays by Maisie’s side. She fills the missing piece in his heart, but will Ryan share his secret? Can Maisie move on from the past and learn to begin again?

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Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Author Bio:
Christy Newton is a hopeless romantic who has a weakness for warm cookies and dark chocolate. She lives in Indiana with her supportive husband and two amazing daughters. Learn more about her at, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


An excerpt from Begin Again:

“What can I get ya?” Maisie blew a stray lock of red hair out of her eyes.

Laptop guy looked up from his computer with a smile that reached all the way up to his dazzling blue eyes. “I was told you had the best apple pie in town.” His dark blond, wavy hair fell just over his ears and framed his masculine, tanned face. His snug-fitting, olive green polo shirt, with two of the buttons undone, made her heart rate speed up.

Maisie swallowed and tried to find her voice. “Sure do. Would you like coffee with your pie?” Suddenly conscience of the coffee stain on her white T-shirt, she lifted her hand to cover it.

He put down the menu and looked at her. “I’ll pass on the coffee, but I would like a glass of milk.”

Maisie nodded. “Be right back.” She hurried to the kitchen to get his drink and was thankful to be behind closed doors so she could pull herself together. Dazzling Eyes was the first guy she had really noticed in the last two years. She had looked into those blue eyes and felt her heart skip a beat, but the moment had passed as quickly as it had come, replaced with guilt. She poured the milk, straightened her apron, and walked back out to the counter to find that he had put his laptop away. Trying not to look at him, she cut a large slice of pie and brought him his order.

“Apple pie and milk.” She placed the plate and glass in front of him.

He held up his fork, eyeing the pie like it was an old friend. “Thank you.”

She nodded and wiped her palms on her faded blue jeans. “Sure. Let me know if you need anything else.”

Maisie looked up at the sterling silver clock to see that her shift was over in ten minutes. She nodded at the elderly man in the corner. He was in this diner as much as she was. A couple of regulars came in and sat down at a gray vinyl booth underneath an oversized picture of cookies. The diner’s walls were lined with black and white canvases of sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodles and, of course, ginger snaps.

Already knowing what they wanted, she called back to the cook, “Two cheeseburgers — the works — and two orders of home fries.” She’d leave right after she got this order out. After placing her regulars’ sodas in front of them, Maisie went back up to the counter to give Dazzling Eyes his bill.

“Best apple pie I’ve had since I left home,” he said, handing her a folded up twenty. “Keep the change.” This time when he smiled, she noticed a dimple in his left clean-shaven cheek.

He had just given her the best tip she’d ever gotten. She wondered where home was but didn’t ask. “Thanks,” she said, taking the money over to the register to cash out her gratuity.

“Order up,” the cook called as he passed it through the window.

She watched the door close behind her big tipper. And there he goes, probably never to be seen again. She sighed and lifted the tray.