And Baby Makes Three: 5 Instant-Family Love Stories

Release date: April 24, 2017
And Baby Makes ThreeThese five couples aren’t quite sure what to expect when they find out they’re expecting! Love and family may not have been part of their plans, but opening their hearts may come more naturally than they’d thought. Add this bundle of joy to your reading list today.

Healing Beau: Sick of being babied by his family, youngest brother Beau joined the army as soon as he could. He thought he’d be a lifer, but an injury sends him back to Beauford without peace or a purpose. Knowing he can’t heal until some truths come to light, his old friend Christian Hambrick, who’s always held a torch for him, wages a full-scale war on the past. However, when she discovers she’s pregnant, forging into the future together becomes more important than ever.

Wynter’s Journey: Tragedy tore Wynter and Sam apart twelve years ago, and now she’s back at his doorstep, widowed, desperately broke, and very pregnant. What’s a nice guy to do but offer her BUY NOWshelter? But living under the same roof quickly leads to old feelings resurfacing, even if Wynter is determined to leave the pain of Scallop Shores behind. Now the one person Sam had wanted to forget is the one person he can’t let go.

What a Texas Girl Needs: Having a one-night stand with Matias Barnes? Not one of Vanessa Witte’s most stellar moments. But she’s back in Lockhardt with a secret and a reason to start fresh: a baby. Mat knows all about society women, and Vanessa isn’t right for him, but when she reveals her news, everything changes. Will he really let her go all over again?

California Homecoming: After returning from duty in the Middle East wounded in both body and spirit, Hunter Evans volunteers to help single mother-to-be Sarah Ladina fix up a run-down Victorian in Costanoa’s beach town. Can they get beyond their painful past and complicated present to find the love and respect they need?

A Taste of Honey: Charli Honey knew it was a bad decision to end up in her boss’s bed, and to make matters worse, now she’s pregnant. William Knight is happy to do the right thing, but can Charli live with a man who doesn’t love her? Or can William convince her his change of heart is not only possible, it’s real?

by USA Today bestselling author Alicia Hunter Pace with Jennifer DeCuir, Kristina Knight, Casey Dawes, and Iris Leach

Contemporary bundle
Sensuality Level: Sensual