Act of Love

Release Date: 17 December 2012

When you’re young, and passionate about your first theatre job, you do everything your director tells you to. Don’t you?

Tor Douglas can be charismatic, rude, angry or captivating. And Marigold is lucky to be starting her career in the Tower Theatre Company – so she’d better do as he says. But she’s used to speaking her mind, sometimes too impulsively, and this soon gets her into trouble with her director and the other actors, who are far more wily, devious and dangerous than she could imagine.

Acting is exactly like falling in love; you are nervous, ecstatic, heartbroken, transformed and always avid for more, and you can’t keep away from the love object. But if Marigold’s not more careful, it is not just her job that she’ll lose.

by Pan Zador

“A tantalizing page turner with a cast of wonderful, colorful, tragic, strong and beautifully poignant people in the midst of the 21st century. Please! I want to see the movie now!” –Jayne Atkinson, star of Broadway, screen, and television

“Read anything by this author you can get your hands on.” – Mavis Cheek, celebrated English romantic novelist

“Deep regret that I never got to play my Romeo opposite [Pan’s] Juliet … she was the queen of understatement and mordant wit.” — Greg Hicks, leading actor, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford, England

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Author Bio:
Pan Zador was born in London and grew up in theatres, watching her parents and grandparents either acting or behind the scenes. Her working life has been spent in England and Ireland as an actor, director, and playwright. She currently lives in Wales.